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Mahalo to MUTU System for supporting the Elevating Motherhood Podcast!

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MUTU System

What is MUTU?

It’s a body positive, medically recommended online exercise program for all moms. MUTU is a 12 week program that walks you through daily exercises you can do in the comfort of your home. It includes easy to follow modules, healthy eating tips, encouragement, support, and more.

Who can use MUTU?

Mamas who are interested in:

  • No more leaking
  • Better body confidence
  • Losing weight
  • A flatter stomach and slimmer waist
  • Great sex without pain
  • Friendship & support within the private community

I don’t have a newborn, is it too late for me to use MUTU?

I began my MUTU journey 2.5 years after my third baby was born. My diastasis recti had still not resolved itself and I decided to take it seriously and support my body on my quest for balance. No newborns in this house and I’m still finding MUTU supportive and effective for where I am physically.

MUTU System
MUTU System
MUTU System

Is it a Membership?

Nope! But it is a community. You purchase MUTU one time and keep it for life! Here’s what you get with your purchase:

  • MUTU Core workout videos – fully guided and instructed real time videos of core and pelvic floor rehabilitation techniques
  • MUTU Intensive workout videos – clearly instructed real time videos of no-impact, but high intensity, DR-safe, efficient workouts to strengthen, shape and tone
  • Alignment Masterclass video and resources
  • Motivational videos and optional text & email alerts to keep you on track
  • Unrivaled professional support from the MUTU team
  • 24/7 access to your exclusive MUTU Mamas Community forum, where your dedicated Community Manager is on hand to answer all your questions
  • Regular Connect Chat videos – featuring helpful tips and educational topics
  • Digital online progress tracker and journal
  • Pregnancy and Prolapse Modification videos
  • MUTU Food guide – healthy and family friendly
  • Medical resources and links
  • Lifetime access to your program ***