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It’s no secret…we’re a homeschool family and we LOVE it!

For us, homeschooling gives us the freedom and flexibility to be together, learn, work, rest, and connect on our schedule, living our values. It is the best choice for our family at this time. For more information about our homeschool journey and what our homeschool days look like, follow me on my blog accounts.

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Homeschool: Podcast Episodes

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Us Homeschooling
Homeschool Explained
Blossom & Root Discount Code

Want to get started homeschooling, but have no idea where to begin? Curious about whether it’s a good fit for you, but have some questions and concerns? I’ve created a webinar just for you!

Homeschool Explained

Homeschool Explained is designed with YOU in mind. It’s packed full of over 10+ years of homeschooling insights—including information on curriculum, socialization, being your child’s teacher, and state laws. I cover topics, tips, and terms. It’s an online version of my in-person workshops that I used to teach to help families on Maui get started with confidence on their homeschool journeys. It’s taken families from “I’m not sure…” to “Let’s do this!” over and over again! Click here to learn more and find your confidence!

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Blossom & Root

I am so grateful to our sponsor Blossom & Root for sponsoring the Elevating Motherhood Podcast!

Blossom & Root Discount Code

We have used Blossom & Root for years and LOVE it! It is just the gentle guidance I need to confidently homeschool all three of my children. This nature-based, Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum is easy to use…the girls & I are always so inspired by the subjects, activities, book lists, art projects, and the variety of lessons!

Blossom & Root aligns with our family values and education goals while leaving enough room for us to be flexible and consider everyone’s different personalities. The nature-based element is so important to me—not only does it encourage us to be outside as much as possible, but it is teaching my children (and me!) a deep appreciation for and connection to the natural world around us.

Learn more about Blossom & Root here. And be sure to take advantage of the special DISCOUNT CODE for Elevating Motherhood listeners! Use the code: loribeth10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase! (Be sure to use all lower case letters when entering the code, otherwise it won’t work!)

Blossom & Root Early Years V1
Blossom & Root Early Years V2
Blossom & Root Kindergarten
Blossom & Root 1st Grade
Blossom & Root 2nd Grade
Blossom & Root 3rd Grade
Blossom & Root Book Seeds Over and Under the Pond
Blossom & Root Book Seeds Mary Anning and the Sea Dragon
Blossom & Root Book Seeds 2018 Collection

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