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A big thank you to Oak Meadow, an advertiser for the Elevating Motherhood Podcast!

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Oak Meadow

Oak Meadow

Oak MeadowWhat Oak Meadow is: Oak Meadow is curriculum company known for their inspiring, pre-printed (& now digital) curricula and teacher-supported distance learning options. Their philosophy is brilliant—they see the value in educating the whole child and supporting parents. Their curriculum aligns with rigorous academic standards while remaining customizable to meet a student’s skills, interests, and learning style. Their secular education philosophy encompasses multiple learning styles and a full range of subjects for each grade level—all with a charming touch of Waldorf influence. Their lessons harness a child’s imagination while challenging the mind. Their enrichment guide The Heart of Learning is an excellent resource for parents to find out more about education philosophies, child development, and how to develop your home educator skills.

What Oak Meadow offers: Printed & digital curriculum options for Pre-Kindergarten through High School + accredited distance learning + college counseling + virtual info sessions + curriculum samples + guidance + support + a bookstore + financing options + common core supplements (if that’s what you’re into)

Oak MeadowWhy I love Oak Meadow: Oak Meadow saved me in my first round of homeschool over 10 years ago when I was tasked with teaching someone else’s kids—saved me! I was new to homeschool (coming from a public-school education myself) and the children were enrolled in a Waldorf school part time. Oak Meadow was the missing link for me in that season! The lessons and organization felt approachable, understandable, and easy to follow (for both me and the kids). I loved their presentation and that everything is all in one place.

Oak Meadow is just so organized and thorough—truly easy to understand and implement. I highly recommend them for all grades, new homeschoolers, and long-time homeschoolers. It’s the curriculum that has brought me so much peace & confidence on my homeschool journey!

How I use Oak Meadow: Most of you know that I currently use Blossom & Root as my main curriculum for my girls. I also use Oak Meadow—not so much as a supplement, but as an additional reference and resource. I love all the lessons in both curricula, but for my sanity’s sake I choose one main one and add in lessons from OM for fun and enrichment. I also keep it handy because I know that each of my children are different and each has a unique learning style. While our current main curriculum speaks to all of them now, if I need to make adjustments to accommodate growth & changes (which are inevitable). It feels good to be ready and resourced.