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I have had the privilege of calling Lori Beth a friend for the past five years. I always admired her; a mom of three, intelligent, fun, an entrepreneur, a happy ray of sunshine and a homeschooling mom.

As most of us recently have been put in the situation of teaching our children at home. My family and I decided to take the full swan dive into homeschooling. When I knew this was the path we were choosing, “Who Ya Going to Call?” Lori Beth! She has a full box of “tools” to share.

Lori Beth is a vast ocean of knowledge, with years of experience and she is ready to share at a moments notice. Each week I anxiously look forward to her podcast, when it goes live most of the time it is a topic that I have been wrestling with or peaked my interest. I say to myself with a giggle, “get out of my head Lori Beth!”

Lori Beth broaches real mom topics. Ones that we may not want to face, or even talk to our significant other about. While tackling these topics she manages to learn along with you, share her knowledge and give helpful tips. As I said I have known Lori Beth for a few years now, however listening to her whole hearted podcast you truly get an in-depth look at a wonderful mom-guru who I am insanely proud of!

Thank you! I felt like I spent the morning with you. I am planning on starting a curriculum this fall and you have dissuaded my fears. I laughed and honestly teared up a few times. I am feeling much more confident in my decision and ability. I am also more convicted regarding my why and my responses to neigh sayers. Thank you again. I encourage all of you considering homeschool and looking for a place to start, to start right here!

I love that I was able to stop and pick up later when I needed to step away; to be able to watch and work at my own pace is great. Thanks so much for all this fabulous information, I felt like we were having a coffee-date and you were teaching just me! I know exactly what I need to do now–and in what order–as well as what I need to “let go” of. This is an invaluable resource! Thanks again, what a blessing this is to those of us who need a place to start.

I just wanted to take a minute and send you a very heart felt and sincere thank you. 🙏🏻❤️ Thank you for creating your homeschool webinar! I honestly cannot say enough about it! I have watched it multiple times and continue to gain more knowledge with every viewing.

Your webinar came to me at the perfect time and has helped me in more ways than one! I want to give you a huge momma hug for all that you are accomplishing as a working/homeschooling / rock star momma! You are an inspiration to us all and are doing great work in the world. I am so proud of you!

I want to hug you for the information that you have put into this webinar. I have opened and walked through every “door” you have talked about with ALL the questions, concerns, misinformation, lack of direction and lack of support that comes with starting the process to homeschool. It was such a HUGE relief to have you address – literally – every challenge and obstacle that I have encountered!

Last but not least I want to give you the biggest hug for the support you offer in this webinar and continue to offer in so many ways, shapes and forms. I could cry thinking about this part! The lack of support from family, friends and community is surprising to me and hard to swallow at times. Remembering our “why” is a priceless reminder and helps bring us back to center when people question our decision. The information you offer is priceless but even more so is the support. I am at a loss for words on how to adequately express how much the support means to me! I am so grateful to you and hope you are feeling all of my virtual hugs and gratitude today for you and all that you do! Thank you for making this webinar, thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight, thank you for being a supportive homeschooling momma and friend.