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Episode 147. The Time Saving Mom Crystal Paine

Episode 147

We get to speak life over our children. – Crystal Paine

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? That your calendar is full and overwhelming? That busy is your new normal and you wish it weren’t? When my schedule gets too full, I know that something needs to change and that usually it means I need to sit down and have a come to Jesus meeting about my priorities. I need prayer, I need perspective, and I need practical steps. Our guest today is going to speak with us about all of those needs. Overextending ourselves…most of us want to change…

Most modern moms feel overextended and like they want change. Crystal is just the encourager we need to work through those feelings and make actual change. You are going to leave this episode renewed—I was…three times over! Once after reading her book, again after this conversation, and once more when I was editing this episode. At the end of the show I share 4 ways that Crystal’s book changed my life. Get ready for some tips, encouragement, and fresh perspective about how to best budget our time as moms.

Crystal’s Bio: Crystal Paine is the founder of, host of The Crystal Paine Show podcast, and a New York Times bestselling author. Her desire is to help women across the globe live with more joy, purpose, and intention in their everyday lives. She lives with her husband and six kids in the Nashville, Tennessee, area, where she is actively involved in her local church. Her biggest passions are helping women understand how the gospel can radically transform their lives, raising awareness for foster care, going on adventures with her family (locally, domestically, and internationally), finding great deals at the grocery store, having heartfelt conversations, and trying to read too many books at one time!

In this episode, Crystal and I talk about:

  • Foster care and special needs
  • Crystal’s 5th book The Time Saving Mom
  • How does Crystal “do it all?”
  • Understanding our priorities and straightening them out
  • “Today is all we have.”
  • Crystal thinks often about her funeral
  • Leaving a legacy
  • What is going to matter in 25 years?
  • What will matter at the end of your life?
  • Being intentional
  • Finding purpose
  • Defining what truly matters
  • Wasting time worrying
  • Unnecessary burdens in our everyday life
  • How to incorporate long term thinking into the small here and now moments
  • Seeing the “why” behind the “what”
  • We get to show up for our kids
  • Understanding that this moment is a gift
  • Getting over frustration
  • Getting out of worry loops
  • Using small moments to be life giving instead of seeing them as life draining
  • We get to speak life over our children
  • Children are not a burden
  • Crystal’s process for saving time
  • Step One: Prayer First
  • Asking God to multiply my sleep, energy, time, etc.
  • The spiritual aspect of motherhood is often ignored
  • Deleting the Instagram app
  • Identifying our priorities so that we can align our actions and values
  • Crystal’s current priorities in this season
  • Health, marriage, kids, home, business, friendships
  • 6 x 2 priority system
  • Crystal’s paper calendar & Google calendar system
  • Chaos in our head equals chaos in our life
  • Follow through – how to finish tasks and projects we’ve started before moving on
  • Inner squirrel
  • Working on self discipline
  • Breaking big tasks up into smaller pieces
  • Using 5-15 minute intervals to get things done
  • Spending more time by spending less time
  • Room for spontaneity
  • Time block to-do list
  • Budgeting in free time
  • Chapter Ten is my favorite
  • Simple steps to make life easier
  • Crystal had every excuse not to write this book
  • Busy mindset
  • “Simplicity is a super power”
  • “We can’t do everything well”
  • Giving ourselves permission to have a messy house instead of living up to
  • Do what works for your family and be okay with that and celebrate it instead of feeling guilty that your choices
  • There is a lot of life that happens in certain rooms of our house
  • Stress is a choice
  • Stress as a result of trying to micromanage and not lean into the Lord
  • Stress as a red flag that we are not trusting in the Lord
  • We can have calm in our hearts without having calm in every area of our life
  • What’s happening in your heart is reflected in what is happening in your life
  • In Christ we can do all things
  • It’s safer to live stuck than to actually acknowledge where our disfunction is
  • Doing what we have been called to do
  • Radical responsibly and stepping out of victim mindset
  • “I was the problem but I was also the solution.”
  • Overextending ourselves
  • Overpacking our schedule full of good things doesn’t lead to a good life, it leads to overwhelm
  • Most of us want to change our lives
  • The 4 ways Crystal’s book has changed my life

Crystal’s Links: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube

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