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Elevating Motherhood in The Mauimama

Elevating Motherhood in The Mauimama

Many Maui mamas know me through my blog, which I launched a few years ago. I took the incredible connections from yayamamas + my passion for supporting moms and turned it into a podcast. Maui based Elevating Motherhood has been going strong for a year with listeners in more than 45 countries.

My August 2020 episodes included a deep dive into homeschool with two episodes airing every week (plus bonus shows!). Homeschool support is very modern and often shared on mediums like social media, audiobooks, blogs, and podcasts. Listening to conversations and stories is sometimes easier and more manageable for busy parents. My incredible guests and I wanted to take the time here at the beginning of the school year and be a positive voice in the hearts and ears of mamas who are just beginning their home education journey. My guest list for this series included popular homeschool voices from around the world: Julie Bogart (author of The Brave Learner and the Brave Writer curriculum, @bravewriterjulie), Pam Barnhill (author of Better Together, @yourmorningbasket), Greta Eskridge (author of Adventuring Together, @maandpamodern), Leah Boden (@modernmissmason), Alisha Miller (@littlewomenfarmhouse), Monica Erwin (@sweetwaterhomeschool), Lauren Giordano (@chickieandroo), Rachael Alsbury (@rachael.alsbury), Jessica Waldock (@thewaldockway), and Kristi Clover (@kristiclover).

I don’t only share about homeschool on the show. Past topics on Elevating Motherhood have included: Anxiety, Education Reform, Creativity, Starting a Business as a Mom, Birth, Balance, Loss, Health, Compassion, Self Care, Parenting, Alcohol, Social Media, Friendship, Childcare, Sibling Rivalry, Sex, Faith, Empowerment, Adoption, and more!

I have over 4 years of shows lined up with guests from all over (including our beautiful island!) and topics that speak to the hearts of mamas everywhere. My goal is to talk openly about motherhood, offer new ideas, soft perspective, and help mamas find their confidence in this busy and sometimes overwhelming world we live in. I keep the topics and guests varied to honor the many interests of moms. It’s my way of honoring the whole woman in my listeners (even when we look through the motherhood lens).

You can listen right from the Elevating Motherhood website or from multiple podcast apps on your phone (i.e. Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Anchor). Just press play and listen to all of the encouragement that will leave you feeling supported, resourced, and connected.