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Episode 006. Birth Workers: An Interview with Midwife Rachel Shapiro-Davis

Episode 006

Gosh, where do I even begin with show notes for Rachel’s interview? We talked about so many things in such a short amount of time! Here are some of the highlights from this magical interview.

Rachel Shapiro-Davies is a midwife from Israel, Spinning Babies™ Approved Trainer, mama of Noam Or Shalom, and creator of Equilibrio—a school in Israel that focuses on connecting birth work and body work. Rachel visited Maui to teach a Spinning Babies™ Workshop for birth workers on the island. We met at a Pacific Birth Collective meeting and knew I right away that I wanted to learn more and share her with you. She agreed to an interview and we made it happen!

In this episode, we talk about:

* Birth work + Body work
* Meeting women where they are
* Honoring the individual
* Improving birth on Earth
* Mindset shifts surrounding birth
* Trusting our bodies & our babies
* The importance of connection
* Balance in birth
* Reframing birth stories
* And so much more!

Know that there is some unexpected background music toward the end of this episode…that’s what happens when you take part in an impromptu, one take only, must do interview in an unknown location! But don’t worry, in true midwife fashion, Rachel handles the unexpected with grace and humor. The interview stays on track (and is amazing!). I know you’ll love it…extra music and all!

Here are a few links to birth workers Rachel mentions in the interview:

1. Spinning Babies™
2. Jenny Blyth & Fiona Hallinan
3. Blandine Calais Germain
4. Carol Phillips

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