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Episode 013. Seasons, Senses, & Biodynamic Nourishment with Lily Diamond

Episode 013

Connection, slowing down, being more present, & returning to nature. These ideas keep presenting themselves over and over again on the podcast in multiple episodes across a variety of topics.

Slowing down and being more present in our everyday lives—with ourselves, with our children, with the seasons—I know many mamas would like to do just that, but how? How can we take care of ourselves and be present as moms when we are so busy and fed constant contrary messages about #allthethings we need to buy, do, and be?

Maybe the answer is hidden inside of us…within our senses. And in our pantry, our kitchen, and our garden…with the natural foods and plants that are already there. Our guest today, Lily Diamond, is here to talk about the ideas from her beautiful recipe book & blog that will encourage us to slow down, tune into our senses, and learn more about how plants can nourish us both inside and out.

More About Lily:
Lily is a writer, photographer, and creator of the site Kale & Caramel, which seeks to democratize wellness through connection to nature and honest storytelling. She is the author of bestselling memoir-cookbook that’s the center of today’s conversation, Kale & Caramel: Recipes for Body, Heart, and Table, which was lauded in publications from the New York Times to The Independent as one of the best vegetarian cookbooks of 2017. Alongside bestselling author and activist Rebecca Walker, Lily is the co-author of the forthcoming guided journal What’s Your Story? (Sounds True, 2020), and co-host of the podcast by the same name. Lily was raised on Maui, educated at Yale University, and lives in California. But what a treat that she is here with me in person at my home on Maui for this interview. Let’s welcome her to the show!

In this episode Lily & I talk about:

  • Biodynamic Nourishment: what it is & how it can serve us
  • If aromatherapy really works
  • DIY beauty products & recipes
  • How to take care of ourselves as moms & women
  • How to tap into what nature provides
  • Trusting in & connecting with nature
  • Honey face washing! (recipe linked below)
  • Being present and slowing down
  • Being in our heads vs. being in our bodies
  • Our relationship with nature
  • How to embrace the season shift from autumn to winter
  • How to include our children in this sensory journey
  • Examples of how to slow down
  • Bringing more fun into our days through the senses & plants

My Thoughts on Lily’s Book Kale & Caramel:
It’s wonderful. I have to tell you, it is just so visually appealing. The soft photos drew me in immediately and then the table of contents (I know that sounds weird, but it’s not an ordinary table of contents—it actually made me want to run out into my yard and plant every herb and flower listed!). There’s a mood to the book—a calm, a slowing down—and in the same breath it encourages action with all of the food recipes + recipes for self-care. It’s really lovely. I simultaneously want to read it page by page and just dive in and splash around. Treat yourself to this stimulating, yet calming read.

Buy the Book: Kale & Caramel: Recipes for Body, Heart, & Table

Photo Credit: Marisa Vitale

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More About Our Guest: Lily Diamond