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Episode 023. 5 Tips for Starting a Successful Moms Group

Episode 023

Motherhood can feel pretty isolating, especially in the first few weeks and months after your baby is born. Or when there are other big changes in your life like moving to a new town with your kids in tow. There will always be different seasons within your motherhood journey–even motherhood itself is a season—and those journeys, every one of those seasons are easier, lighter, and feel more do-able with support.

And there is nothing like the support of a solid, loving moms group.

There are lots of support avenues for moms out there—online and in person. And while online support can be awesome, there is nothing quite like being face to face with other moms and actually seeing that you’re not alone. Being in the presence of other moms can be life changing.

A moms group can provide much needed friendship, support, and learning opportunities—for you and your child. What do I mean by “moms group?” I mean moms that get together with their children, not just a meet up of moms only without children. Sometimes there’s some confusion around that, but I just wanted to be clear that I mean “moms + kids getting together.”
I started two successful moms groups here on Maui when my kids were younger and we still meet up 2-3 times per week even after 6 years!

The two groups have kind of meshed into one as our kiddos aged—the older ones (who were just babies on blankets when we first met!) are now off to different schools or education paths, but we still have more babies being born every year in our circle of friends, so the group keeps growing and shifting. But even though the kids are growing and we’re growing and changing, the need for support never goes away. Getting together with mom friends continues to be a highlight for me AND my kids every single week.

I get asked a LOT of questions about moms groups…how do you find one? How do you start one? How do you make time for one? What if there aren’t any where I live? What if I don’t like any? What if no one comes? What if there aren’t any moms around where I live? (Trust me, there are moms near you asking the same questions).

Let’s say you can’t find a local moms group. My advice is:  Start One. It’s way easier than you think. (Here is more about how I started mine!)

Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

1. Pick a date/time/location
2. Choose a focus
3. Advertise
4. Establish guidelines
5. Let go of expectations

*Be sure to tune in & listen to the entire episode for more details on each tip!

There are so many perks to running and being part of an in-person moms group…honest conversation, opportunities for your children to make their first friends, even chances for dads to meet and connect with other dads. The support and friendship between moms is powerful and very needed. Once your moms group is established, it really is as easy as picking a date/time/location and just showing up. And as your group grows and your connections deepen, I highly recommend starting to incorporate moms night out, too.

Take the lead. Brainstorm today. Start your group. Reach out. Be the change for other moms and yourself.

If you found this episode helpful, please share it with other moms! Spread the word that starting a moms group is easy, needed, and so awesome!

Shout out to my own moms groups…you have been and continue to be my life line on this path we’re walking together. I love and appreciate you.

And you, too, mama. If you’re listening to this episode, it could be because you have a calling on your heart to connect with and support other moms. And for that I applaud you. I hope you follow that calling and take action. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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