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Episode 025. Called to Create: The MeiLi Autumn Beauty Story with MeiLi Coon

Episode 025

I think it’s really easy to look at someone else’s successful business (especially on social media) and think that it must be so easy because it looks so effortless. Or someone else can look at the same business and think that it looks like it would be way too complicated, so they shut themselves off from the possibility that they, too, could do something that successful. That’s why I love these behind the scenes stories of mom entrepreneurs in the Called to Create series here on the show. There is so much to be gained from hearing their stories and learning about their journeys because it normalizes ups & downs, following your passion, lifelong learning, and the process of it all (including a real-life timeline of years and not the overnight success that we often perceive online).

MeiLi Coon’s story about how she became a master makeup artist and entrepreneur is just incredible. She’s joining us today to share her inspirational story of how her successful, elite bridal team MeiLi Autumn Beauty came to life. Her team is incredible. Her taste is impeccable. She turns out some of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen in my life. Her Instagram account is like eye candy. A daily behind the scenes bridal magazine. Seriously, she is so talented.

MeiLi did my makeup for a photoshoot once and I’ll tell you, I’ve never felt so beautiful. But it’s not just because of the makeup. MeiLi made me feel seen, heard, and understood. That combination of talent and connection is what makes her stand out from the crowd.

The thing I love about MeiLi is her introspective nature. She doesn’t just apply makeup to brides, she sees the whole picture—and really celebrates each of her clients as a whole woman. She does all this, manages & trains an entire team, rocks the single mom life, and still makes time to encourage other women online and in our local community with her fundraising efforts.

Be sure to check out her website, MeiLi Autumn Beauty, after the interview.

MeiLi’s story is not only fascinating but international and full of twists and turns. It reminded me that success does not happen overnight but that there’s a lot of determination, hard work, faith, and perseverance that goes into creating and running a successful business. I admire MeiLi’s work as a professional makeup artist and business owner…but also as a person and amazing mama. She inspires me and I know she’ll inspire you.

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