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Episode 028. Nannies, Babysitters, Mother’s Helpers: What’s the Difference, How Much to Pay & What to Expect with Nicki Taylor of The Nanny Connection

Episode 028

At some point, most parents are going to need to bring someone else in to help with childcare. There are a variety of options…daycare, school, family members, or even childcare swaps with friends. But not all of us have those options. We might live far from family or schedules don’t line up or…I could literally list 100 reasons why childcare might go awry (because it can & does!) and why we might need to seek out other options.

There also might be listeners who are expecting or have a new baby and want to plan ahead as much as possible. All of our situations are unique. But it’s safe to say, if you’re a parent with a child, have a child on the way, are a child care provider, or want to be a childcare provider (I’m looking at you 13-year-old soon to be babysitters!) this episode has something for you!

Today we’re going to talk about the difference between a babysitter, nanny, and mother’s helper.

And, of course, the real burning question: How much should we pay them?

We’re also going to touch on what to do when issues arise…and issues do come up. Having a childcare provider is a relationship and every relationship has ups and downs, joyful moments and disagreements.

So I asked Nicki Taylor, owner of The Nanny Connection here on Maui, to come on the show and shed some light on these questions. She also offers us communication and hiring tips while busting through myths and telling great stories (and she has some doozies!)

Nicki is a wonderful mom to two children, ages 4 and 2. After receiving her Bachelors in Healthcare Administration and worked in corporate America in elder care for years before moving to Maui to take over her mother-in-law’s nanny agency. She’s been running the The Nanny Connection here on Maui and Lanai for over 6 years. The Nanny Connection expanded to Oahu this past year and is looking to launch in Kauai later this year. Nicki’s background in administration and her innate understanding and compassion as a mom make her an incredible resource and leader in her unique branch of the childcare industry. If you’re on Maui or plan to visit Hawaii, The Nanny Connection is my number one recommendation for trusted childcare. I’ll be sure to link to The Nanny Connection in the show notes. We’re fortunate to be able to tap into her experience and resources today.

In this episode we go over:

  • What is the difference between a nanny, babysitter, and mother’s helper?
  • Why do people hire nannies? (there’s some myth-busting in this answer!)
  • What kinds of questions should moms ask nannies when interviewing them for a position? Things they need to bring up?
  • How much to pay?
  • Common issues that come up for moms when hiring nannies? What can we do to avoid disagreements, drama, or tension with nannies?
  • Common issues that come up for nannies? What can they do to avoid disagreements, drama, or tension with parents?
  • Communication tools for moms and child care providers

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