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Episode 031. Home Education (Short Term): Listener Q&A

Episode 031

You asked, I answered! Tune in for encouragement, support, and sisterhood as well as answers!

Episode 030. Is jam packed with practical tips and mindset shifts to help you through this complex transition into educating your kids at home. Episode 031. Is a follow up of sorts…I answer listener questions from moms around the world who are searching for specific answers.

In this episode, I give candid answers to listener questions about temporary homeschooling:

  • What does a day look like?
  • How do you set up a routine?
  • How does everyone get along?
  • How can I make this more fun?
  • How do you separate the line between teacher and mom?
  • How do you not fall into a rut and pretend it’s Saturday and just be lazy?
  • How do you not drive each other insane?
  • What school supplies do I need to buy and have on hand? (You’d be surprised if you look around your home at all the toys, books, games, and even empty boxes)
  • How do I work a full day and then teach my kids for 6 hours after that?
  • How do you teach your child when there are siblings around distracting them (especially younger siblings)?
  • How do you stay on task and not bounce from one project to the next? How do you not get sidetracked by chores and to do list items?
  • What if I don’t like this whole set up?
  • How are you staying so calm in all of this?
  • Do you do school 5 days a week or do you have a break day in the middle?

If you’re still looking for more answers or really want to dive deep into the full homeschooling process, I offer support in my online course Homeschool Explained. There’s also more info at:

I’ll be sharing more behind the scenes over on Instagram: @loribethauldridge to help normalize what working from home + homeschooling looks like. Feel free to ask more questions. I’m here for you, mama.

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