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Episode 097. Called to Create: The Branch Basics Story with Kelly Love

Episode 097

You know how much I love Branch Basics and I am so honored that I got to speak with one of the founders, Kelly Love!

In this episode you’ll hear the story of how Branch Basics got started and how this educational company is helping families reduce their toxic burden and improve their health. Kelly goes on to share sooooo much helpful information about air quality, toxic burden, being our own advocates, and creating a healthy home.

Kelly’s Bio: Kelly Love co-founded Branch Basics, a wellness lifestyle brand that creates cleaning products using the most chemically sensitive as their benchmark for safety. Raised on the standard American diet and conventional products, it wasn’t until college that she experienced the power of living in an environment free of harmful chemicals along with eating according to the principles of Food as Medicine. All of the “normal” problems Kelly had experienced most of her life: dry and itchy eyes, painful menstrual cramps, joint and muscle pain, and even body odor disappeared! It turns out these issues don’t have to be normal after all, and Kelly is passionate about helping others on their health journeys. She lives in Jackson, Mississippi with her husband and two daughters.

In this episode, Kelly and I talk about:

  • How Kelly, Allison, and Marilee started Branch Basics
  • How all areas of our life (diet, products, home, lifestyle) influence our health
  • Tossing the toxins
  • The importance of reading ingredients
  • The influence and impact of mothers in their choices for their children
  • Selling soap vs. being an education company and lifestyle company
  • Empowering people to take control over our homes
  • Making our homes safe havens
  • How removing harmful chemicals and scents can change your home
  • Noticing the strong scents in the cleaning aisles at stores—all from sealed containers
  • Low level chemical soup
  • Our indoor air quality is 200-500 times MORE polluted than our outdoor air quality
  • Looking at our indoor air quality
  • Air pollution from everything from new construction to products we have in our home
  • Elevating our awareness of air quality and our health at the same time
  • The versatility of one cleaning concentrate for every part of your house
  • The unnecessary subdivision of
  • The extensive testing process of Branch Basics
  • Creating my own quality standards for products for me, my home, and my family
  • Exploring outside of mainstream messaging
  • Looking outside of advertisements & big box stores for solutions
  • Opt out lifestyle and motherhood
  • Support small business while reducing toxin burden
  • Information over advertisement
  • Opportunity for discernment in being an education company
  • What Kelly wants moms to know about toxins in their homes: the concept of what we put on, in and around our bodies effects us. We are the stewards of our homes and what we bring into our homes
  • Beware the toxic ingredient “fragrance”
  • Bringing common sense to the table when talking about harmful chemicals
  • Endocrine disruption—what it is and why it matters
  • Toxic Burden—what it means and why it matters
  • Water is a chemical
  • Symptoms as signs from our body
  • Root cause
  • Going through our house is not a burden or restrictive, but very freeing.
  • It’s an opportunity to learn about ingredients and our health
  • Decision fatigue
  • Not having to worry about the kids getting into toxic or harmful cleaning supplies
  • Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory
  • Concrete as a budget friendly option

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