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Episode 100. Life-Long Learning, Purpose, & Discernment After 100 Episodes

Episode 100

When I started this podcast, I set the intention to reach episodes in the 100s. Episode 1 says “001” because I was determined to get to the 100s. And 001 is now 100 today! I’m so thrilled. Slow and steady got me to 100.

You know how you think you know what that’s going to look like? Or picture it as a big celebration or something and here I am sitting in my closet recording the episode because my office flooded and we had to rip out all the carpet and now it’s empty and bare. It’s fine.

Perspective, right? Unexpected remodel, but we work for ourselves so we can. I’ll have a beautiful office space when it’s done and well, we’re capable of handling it. If nothing else all of life’s curveballs combined with a can-do, life-long learner attitude have shown us that we can handle anything that comes our way. We will be tested and in the broad scheme of things that tested us this week, an office remodel is seriously a cake walk.

Episode 100 feels like a cake walk compared to the nerves I had over the first 30 episodes. Oh my gosh. If you could have seen me fumbling and nervous when recording technology was still new to me and I had a guest on the line and couldn’t figure things out compared to me casually recording in my closet in my jammies last minute. Night and day. I feel like a different person. That’s the power of slow and steady and learning grace.

Learned so much about motherhood:

  • I am not the same person I was before starting this podcast.
  • I feel resourced and more confident. I’m changed by all of the books I read and authors I interviewed.
  • I’m a better listener and a more compassionate friend.
  • Power of asking questions

Learned so much about myself:

  • There is no one size fits all answer
  • Every family, mother are different
  • Living more deeply in than truth than I ever have

Learned so much about the industry:

  • If I had a dollar for every time I heard something along the lines of “that’s not how people usually do it,” I’d be rich. I found out I’m one of the few hosts who actually reads the book BEFORE talking with an author
  • I have a calm voice instead of an insistent or high energy one
  • I trust my listeners to have discernment—I’ve interviewed women with vastly different beliefs than myself. I’ve had controversial guests on that caused a river of emails and DMs to pour in and say “I’m confused…why would you interview this person?” and ultimately “I thought you were just like me?” I’m not just like you, I’m not like anyone. You’re not just like anyone. How can that work in a world that tells everyone to be alike and think alike? By using our discernment, holding space for it, and encouraging it.
  • I believe to the core of my being that we are all different and that it’s important for me to make space for those differences—but I do that by supporting women as they get to know their true selves and see those differences, discover what makes them unique, and shed the “shoulds” of what it means to be a woman, mom, wife, friend, sister, person.

In this search for resources, I’ve realized that we empower ourselves when we look into topics and research them for ourselves.

I felt compelled to start this podcast as a way to help moms feel resourced, find their confidence, and talk about a variety of topics instead of just one niche topic because I wanted to honor that moms are interested in a wide variety of things and not just

And now I feel like, at Episode 100, it’s a given that I’ll cover a variety of topics in a calm voice, that it’s a place and space to work on getting to know yourself and boost your confidence.

So where to go from here?

I’d like to start being a bit more bold in unpacking the toxic messages of marketing to moms. I’d like to cover birth culture and the need to extreme changes. I’d like to blow disempowering messages out of the water and make room for moms to take back their power, see it, own it, live it.

I, too, will remain discerning and listen. I’ll do this by listening to you, my listeners, more. Covering topics you’d like to learn more about.

I want to continue to encourage you in your motherhood and life journeys—to feel like you have resources for any issues, emotions, etc. that come up. I want you to feel freedom to get to know your true self, to take time for you to not only get to know you but also step into that knowing and show up as your truest and best self. I believe in the power behind a holistic approach to life—honoring the whole woman—mind, body, spirit, mother.

Encourage you to embrace the life-long learner in you. To live the truth that there is no one size fits all answer to anything ever—in motherhood, life, etc. but that you—a strong, beautiful mother—have the power to change the world by showing up in your own life as you and positively influencing your children which means shaping the next generation. We have a choice in how we see that calling—as a burden, as a lot of pressure, or as an honor and something that we are totally capable of doing. We’re capable, we’re strong, mothers are the most powerful beings on the planet.

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