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Episode 104. Finding Purpose Outside the Box with Bethany Adkins

Episode 104

We’re not all called to live the same life and go on the same path. -Bethany Adkins

What is purpose and why is it important in life and motherhood? Bethany Adkins is here to do a deep dive with us on this very topic—to help us sort out what purpose means to each of us as individuals, because everyone’s sense of purpose is different. Our culture pushes for all of us to conform to what purpose and success look like but the truth of the matter is, as we’ve discovered over and over here on the show, there is no one size fits all answer for anything—including purpose.

My favorite part of this interview is Bethany’s ease, confidence, and encouragement—she really leads by example while inspiring each of us to reflect on where we are, what we truly love, and who we are.

Purpose is powerful and can bring us so much peace as women and moms.

Bethany’s Bio: Bethany Adkins is a Pediatric Nurse turned stay at home mom who has always had a love for reading and writing, and she finally decided to pursue it full time. She is now a blogger, host of The Millennial Mission Podcast, freelance writer, and podcast manager. If she is not adventuring with her family in her spare time, you can find her at the nearest coffee shop diving into a good book or creating one of her own.

In this episode, Bethany & I talk about:

  • Our Ohio connections
  • Developing our writer skills and identity
  • How our childhoods influenced us and our career choices
  • Finding clarity with experience
  • The definition of purpose
  • Purpose looks different for all of us
  • Purpose is not necessarily a career or even something that brings in money
  • How moms struggle with purpose
  • Motherhood as purpose
  • We have the privilege of teaching our kids
  • Valuing homemaking
  • Reframing our role as mothers, homemakers, and teachers
  • Happiness and peace and purpose
  • Pushback from people outside ourselves
  • When those around us don’t’ appreciate that we’ve “changed” or when we grow
  • Societal notion that we are allowed to encourage others but aren’t allowed to actually feel confident within ourselves without others
  • Highlight reels…and then the pendulum swings the other direction where we have to hide our achievements
  • Our kids see us when we step into what we are called to do
  • Setting a positive example for our kids
  • Stop hiding our growth so we can help other people do the same
  • Looking for inspiration over comparison
  • Supporting our kids with clear communication
  • Communication through actions
  • Giving our kids space to come and talk with us about anything
  • Little questions open the door to bigger questions when they are older
  • Feeling called to talk about purpose more with other parents and our children
  • The significance of purpose
  • Making it our mission to let our kids know we love them deep down instead of the disconnect
  • There are options…we can do better
  • Taking the shame out of parenting
  • Empowering the millennial generation
  • Admiring moms and parents from all generations (and not based on age)
  • Ah-ha moment of purpose…does it exist?
  • Surrendering to God
  • Reflecting on where you are, what you truly love, and who you are
  • Being a people pleaser
  • Live every day with intention
  • Journal
  • Ask yourself: Am I living the life I’m living to please other people?
  • The magic of a slow settling in to your purpose over time
  • The power of pen to paper
  • The exhausting message of “glamorous everything!”
  • Finding meaning in everyday life
  • Bethany’s My Why Journal

Bethany’s Links: Website and Instagram

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