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Episode 137. Rebelling Against Mediocre Motherhood with M is for Mama Author Abbie Halberstadt

Episode 137

Talking about mediocre motherhood is—believe it or not—probably one of my favorite things. I don’t align with a lot of the modern motherhood messaging that we’re fed and I know that our mama hearts desire more than mediocrity. I like talking about it so we can name it…and I name it so we can change it. Abbie Halberstadt is fighting mediocrity head on in her new book M is for Mama. She is here to remind us that hard is not the same thing as bad, she delivers so many other truths and encouragments. Hold on to your hats, mamas…today’s episode is on fire.

Abbie’s Bio: Abbie Halberstadt is a homeschooling mama to 10, former high school Spanish teacher, married to renaissance man with whom she’s built two DIY houses, fitness instructor, business owner, blogger, bestselling motherhood author.

In this episode:

  • How a mom of 10 “does it all”
  • Homeschooling 10 kids
  • Hiring help when you’re a mom
  • What the schedule of a mom of 10 looks like
  • Not getting attached to “what is working”
  • Abbie’s book M is for Mama
  • Biblical motherhood vs. Mediocre motherhood
  • We are mediocre without Christ
  • How biblical views affect non-believers
  • Letting go of frustration, resentment, and victimhood in motherhood
  • Finding more joy in motherhood
  • Toxic messages of modern motherhood
  • Mommy wine culture
  • Stopping fist bumps over mediocrity & being the worst mom
  • “Relatability is not the gold standard of motherhood”
  • Looking for examples in the bible about how to be a better mother
  • Avoiding the current motherhood narrative
  • The lies of secular culture
  • The hypocrisy of breaking generational cycles while creating new ones
  • Taking radical self responsibility
  • The problem with Christian moms who are upholding secular standards
  • Believing James 1:2-5 “Count it all joy…”
  • Studying motherhood
  • The importance of opening your bible
  • Start reading your bible today
  • Having an open mind with an open bible right beside it
  • Finding a Titus 2 mentor that is not on the internet
  • Being accountable with others
  • Find someone who is living out the example you want to emulate
  • The importance of having a good church that affirms scripture
  • Feelings are not consistent and often lie
  • Abbie uses 187 unique scriptures in her book
  • Getting obsessive about results
  • Having an “if the Lord wills” attitude
  • The Holy Spirit is whispering do better in our ears, it doesn’t matter who else isn’t getting the same memo
  • It’s easier to wallow than it is to change
  • Ideas for the witching hour
  • Being consistent in mothering
  • Teach more than preach
  • Enjoying our children
  • Accepting the Lord’s conviction to do better in Him
  • Being stingy with our kids
  • The desire to have our needs to have our desires be met before others
  • Listen to the nudges in our spirit
  • Slow down, sit down, and be with your children
  • The truth behind the phrase “I don’t have time for this”
  • Be open to nudges of truth
  • The lie of convenience
  • Admitting that I have an entitlement problem
  • Avoiding the pitfall of motherhood martyrdom
  • Voice of the martyrs:
  • The importance of self awareness
  • Who we are in relation to self-care culture

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