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I have had the privilege of calling Lori Beth a friend for the past five years. I always admired her; a mom of three, intelligent, fun, an entrepreneur, a happy ray of sunshine and a homeschooling mom.

As most of us recently have been put in the situation of teaching our children at home. My family and I decided to take the full swan dive into homeschooling. When I knew this was the path we were choosing, “Who Ya Going to Call?” Lori Beth! She has a full box of “tools” to share.

Lori Beth is a vast ocean of knowledge, with years of experience and she is ready to share at a moments notice. Each week I anxiously look forward to her podcast, when it goes live most of the time it is a topic that I have been wrestling with or peaked my interest. I say to myself with a giggle, “get out of my head Lori Beth!”

Lori Beth broaches real mom topics. Ones that we may not want to face, or even talk to our significant other about. While tackling these topics she manages to learn along with you, share her knowledge and give helpful tips. As I said I have known Lori Beth for a few years now, however listening to her whole hearted podcast you truly get an in-depth look at a wonderful mom-guru who I am insanely proud of!