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Episode 002. Motherhood + Expectations with Sonya Niess

Episode 002

“I think like any woman, I had visions of life as a mother as being what it was – both joyful and hard.” – Sonya Niess

Today’s guest is Sonya Niess, a professional doula and mother of two. Sonya opens up about her own journey with expectations and motherhood, sharing the story of her daughter Naia’s diagnosis with Migration Partial Seizures of Infancy. Sonya lovingly walks us through what processing this diagnosis looked like for her and her family.

She also offers a compassionate perspective for mamas. The grace she shares and offers is inspiring. This is a powerful episode for both mamas and mamas-to-be. Many of us enter into motherhood with expectations—both personal and societal—whether we acknowledge them or not. Hearing Sonya’s story led me to look at my own expectations, what they are, how they’ve changed, and how to move through them with more grace.

Connect with Sonya: Mahina Mama

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The book Sonya mentions at the beginning: The Red Tent by Anita Diamont
Pacific Birth Collective


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