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Episode 004. My Journey with Anxiety: Melissa’s Story

Episode 004

Here at Elevating Motherhood, we’re not going to shy away from the taboo topic of anxiety, but rather talk about it openly, hear personal stories from mamas who are living with it, and find more connection by being real about it.

In the first episode in our My Journey with Anxiety Series, Melissa Dyckman bravely talks about her first experiences with anxiety and panic attacks that didn’t present until after she became a mother. Melissa walks us through her experience, shares what worked for her (& what didn’t), opens up about hormones, and offers loving insight into how others can be supportive.

I learned a lot from this interview and walked away feeling more informed, compassionate, and understood. My hope is that you will, too.

Thank you for your support and kindness toward Melissa. It’s challenging for mamas to open up and be honest about what anxiety presents as, looks like, and feels like. Every mama’s journey is different. I’m 100% sure that her vulnerability will help other mamas who are on their own anxiety journey feel heard and understood. I’m also confident that mamas who hear this and don’t identify with anxiety will benefit, too. Just the practice of listening with an open heart and hearing another mama’s story could give you insight on how to be compassionate and supportive when the topic does cross your path.

Melissa will be returning for a second interview on beauty. She’s a talented and successful bridal team expert here on Maui. Her tips and insights on beauty will be loving and beneficial, too. Why a second interview? Because anxiety does not define us. Mothers can live with anxiety and still be professionals. We can have anxiety and still be interested in other topics. We can search for solutions for our anxiety …while we search for beauty tips. I want to highlight that we don’t have to be known for one thing in our lives—ever. I want to honor the whole woman in each of us. Mothers are dynamic. Melissa is dynamic. I’m dynamic. You, mama, are dynamic. I see you and want to honor every side of you, every interest. We are not defined by one role, one interest, or one diagnosis. We are whole women. The whole woman in me honors the whole woman in you.

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