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Episode 011. Intro to Acupuncture with Dr. Eva Ross, L.Ac., DAOM

Episode 011

Have you ever tried acupuncture? Do you use it and love it like I do? Are you too scared of what it might feel like & never tried it? What is acupuncture supposed to do anyway? Can it help you pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, or even postpartum? Today we’re diving into these questions and so much more with our amazing guest, Dr. Eva Ross. My goal with this episode is to take the mystery out of Acupuncture (& Chinese Medicine) in the hopes that it sheds some light as an option for mamas on their personal health journeys.

Dr. Ross received her Bachelor of Science degree in Botany from Humboldt State University and graduated with highest honors from Emperors College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica, California with a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She completed her doctorate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at her alma mater in 2015. Dr. Ross is the founder of Malibu Healing Center and now, Maui Healing Center where she proudly serves the beautiful community of Kula and island of Maui.

Dr. Ross has been combining the best of both Eastern and Western medicine since 2005 to provide the most advanced integrative care within a family practice setting. Her clinical strengths include metabolic testing and nutritional testing. She also has a passion for treating hormonal issues from fertility through postpartum recovery, as well as puberty through post menopause. She is a strong advocate of patient education in order to cultivate excellent and sustainable health. It’s because of her advocacy for patient education and talent as a healer that I wanted to share her with you.

In this episode we talk about:
* The origins of acupuncture
* How acupuncture works
* How long treatment can take
* What acupuncture is used for
* Acupuncture + hormone balancing
* Acupuncture & pregnancy
* Acupuncture & postpartum
* Acupuncture after a c-section
* Acupuncture for breastfeeding & weaning support
* How I used acupuncture to flip my almost 10lb baby at 38 weeks
* Changes in due date guidelines
* The strengths of both Eastern & Western medicine
* A bit about Chinese Medicine
* Eastern medicine for adults & children
* Common concerns for people who haven’t tried acupuncture
* Myths of acupuncture
* How our modern world & age can affect us
* Pulse diagnosis & meridians
* Our connection to ourselves & the greater world
* The importance of learning more about your body, health, & whole self
* Doctor/Patient relationships
* Cupping & it’s connection to Chinese Medicine (+ what those crazy circles are!)
* Tips for getting started with acupuncture
* All this…and the importance of lifestyle choices

You guys. It’s hard to sum up acupuncture because it’s such a big topic and connected to so much, but we tackled it.

Acupuncture…here we go.

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The website Dr. Ross mentions in this episode to help find an acupuncturist in your area:

Reach out to Dr. Ross at Maui Healing Center

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