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Episode 010. Create Something

Episode 010

Something’s wrong, something’s off. It can feel like that sometimes as a mother. Moms are busy, stressed, tired, don’t know how to slow down, doubt themselves… why? What’s causing all of these negative emotions? All of this disconnect? Too much on our plates? Expectations? Demands?

Well, honestly, there are probably more factors than I can list.

But the more important question: What are we going to do about it?

One of the puzzle pieces in this stressed-out bigger picture is that we’ve stopped creating for the sake of creating. We’ve lost touch with our creative side—the part of our life that requires us to slow down and honor our bodies & minds—and as a result, we’ve lost touch with ourselves. The whole woman has been replaced with titles and jobs and to-do lists that are a mile long and will literally never end.

So what do we do? What’s an action we can take to combat this negativity?


In this episode I go over the “how + why + what” of creating plus road blocks that keep us from creating and how to get past them. Hold on to your hats…this episode is about so much more than crafting.

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