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Episode 016. Called to Create: The Blossom & Root Story with Kristina Garner

Episode 016

What does it take to create a homeschool curriculum, turn it into a business, and homeschool your kids all at the same time? We’re about to find out!

Kristina Garner is an artist, a writer, and a homeschooling mom to her two young daughters. She creates secular, nature-based homeschool curriculum and writes regularly on her blog Blossom & Root about homeschooling with a focus on nature, STEM, and the arts. She also enjoys traveling, making a fantastic mess with paint, exploring the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, rock climbing, and reading.

Kristina is the second mama to join me in the Called to Create series here on the podcast which will feature interviews with mothers who are also creatives & business owners. In this series you’ll hear inspiring stories about how these women got their start, created powerful products &/or businesses, how they balance work and motherhood, what they’ve learned along the way, and what they continue to learn. I want you to tune in and be encouraged to answer your own call to create!

I loved Kristina’s thoughtful, encouraging insights. She is a true artist, cheerleader, and brilliant mama! Whether you’re a homeschooler or not, this episode is worth a listen!

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