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Episode 017. Mean Girls: A Heartfelt Conversation with Lisa McCrohan

Episode 017

Let me start off by saying this interview did NOT go in the direction I thought it would. Lisa blew my mind with her insights and loving suggestions. She is a true healer and helper and I could not be more excited to share her with you!

Back in 2014, Lisa had a blog post go viral: Raising Girls Who Are Includers Instead of Mean Girls. You’ve probably read it…it is still making the rounds on social media over 5 years later. Why? Because it’s an important topic that hits home for many of us.

In this episode, Lisa and I dive deep and discuss:

  • What sparked Lisa to write this viral blog post
  • Our own personal journeys with bullying
  • How to parent through tough “mean kid” situations
  • Parenting when we feel triggered from our own past hurts
  • How not to raise mean kids
  • How not to be “mean moms” ourselves
  • How to raise kids who are includers
  • Specifics on how to be an includer & what each of her suggestions look like:
    • We hold
    • We include
    • We love
    • We empower
    • We regard
    • We model how to treat others

Lisa holds nothing back in this episode! I knew this interview was going to be good, but Lisa took it to a whole new level just for us. She is passionate about compassion and it shines through big time! Tune in and prepare to have your mind (& heart!) blown in the best way possible!

More About Today’s Guest: Lisa McCrohan is a Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapist, Integrative Coach, and author of Gems of Delight: Seasonal Inspirations for Moms to Heal the Hurry and Embrace What is Sacred. With an expertise in mind-body-spirit healing, Lisa works with men and women all over the world in their personal and professional development. Her life is about inspiring compassion to flourish in our hearts, homes, and world. Lisa lives with her husband, two young children, and dog Sherlock in Middletown, MD, with the mountains outside her back door. You can find more of her inspiration here:

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