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Episode 040. Intro to Ayurveda: The Science of Everything with Ayurvedic Nutritionist Jessica Quinn

Episode 040

How Ayurvedic Principles Can Elevate Your Daily Life

What is Ayurveda? Ever heard of it? Studied it? Tried it? Do you currently use principles from Ayurveda in your daily life? Or is this a brand-new topic for you?

Today’s episode is Ayurveda in a nutshell. Ayurveda 101. Or even an Ayurveda refresh, if it’s something you’ve studied in the past.

Jessica Quinn is here with us today to generously share her knowledge and expertise. She is an Ayurvedic Nutritionist who was raised in San Diego and has been living on Maui for 16 years. She splits her time between Maui and San Diego. She holds a B.A. from UC Berkley, and Teaching Credentials from National University. Jessica is also certified as a nutrition coach (Hunington College), yoga instructor (Maya Yoga), and Ayurvedic Health Counselor (CA College of Ayurveda). She studied under Dr. William Malik Cotter, Tracee Stanley, Nicki Doane, and Eddie Modestini.

Jessica offers Ayurvedic nutrition consultations, seasonal group Ayurvedic cleanses, Ayruvedic treatments, catering and private chef services, and hosts classes and retreats. Her favorite food is kitchari (which we’ll learn more about in this show). Learn more about her offerings at:

Jessica is so thorough, going over:

  • What Ayruveda is
  • Where Ayurveda comes from
  • Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha
  • The 3 Bodies: Karmic, Subtle, and Physical
  • Agni: Why it’s important to have a strong digestive fire
  • The 6 Tastes: Sweet, Salty, Sour, Pungent, Bitter, & Astringent
  • Ayurvedic Modalities
  • The importance of healthy daily routines and rituals
  • Tips for moms to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into their lives
  • Some history of Ayurveda + it’s modern influence…and so much more!

If all of these words and concepts sound foreign to you, don’t worry! They won’t by the end of the episode!

Jessica’s goal is to inspire others to feel empowered in such a way that they may learn how to take care of their body and mind with an essence of truth, vitality, and ease. I think every mama could use a big dose of that these days!

I was so inspired by our conversation that I decided to start my own journey with Ayurvedic nutrition and daily practices. I’ll be sharing more about it on Instagram (@loribethauldridge) and diving a bit deeper into this journey through my emails (sign up for my email list if you haven’t already! I share behind the scenes updates, discount codes, personal take-aways from each show, resources, and much more!)

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