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Episode 041. Called to Create: The MUTU Systems Story with Founder & CEO Wendy Powell

Episode 041

Every woman deserves the dignity of a body that works and that makes her feel good.

Have you ever felt like your postpartum body was letting you down? Like it isn’t or wasn’t performing like it was supposed to? Mom guilt? Shame?

You. Are. Not. Alone.

And if there is one woman who understands those feelings of disconnection and what we can do about it, it’s today’s guest: Wendy Powell. Not only does she understand these common feelings and thoughts, but is committed to creating solutions for mamas who need more understanding and connection on their journeys.

Wendy’s Bio:

Wendy is a leader, speaker, maternal health pioneer, feminist, and founder & CEO of the leading global digital health tech platform MUTU System. Wendy is the woman behind the world’s best-selling, medically recommended, online program for mothers, trusted by over 65,000 women worldwide. Loved and recommended by Hollywood celebrity trainers and their clients, specialist women’s health experts, surgeons and even Royalty, Wendy is shifting the conversation on women’s bodies towards equality and empowerment for health, confidence and power. Wendy is on the Women’s Development Board of empowerment charity MicroLoan and works with medical professionals around the world to improve education, dignity and empowerment for mothers.

Wendy has been featured on: Fox Health News | CNN | Huffington Post | | BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour | The Telegraph | Daily Mail | Mail Online | Mother & Baby | Daily Express | Red magazine | Made for Mums | UK Health Radio and now Elevating Motherhood.

I’m humbled and honored to bring Wendy, her message, her story, her program, and her light into your life today. Mamas, get ready. Wendy is here to support us in so many areas—today’s episode is about business, peeing our pants, personal growth, professional growth, life-long learning, health, wellness, fitness, connection, creating value, dignity, and so much more. You are in for a treat. Please join me in welcoming the amazing Wendy Powell to the show.

What’s different about Wendy?

She brings DIGINITY into the conversation.

Wendy speaks up, speaks out, and shares my own belief that we as women & moms need to address issues around our self-confidence—whether we feel good about our bodies, whether we feel good being intimate with our bodies, and how we feel about ourselves. We all deserve this level of honesty and understanding that this conversation celebrates & encourages.

She inclusively empowers moms on an international scale.

MUTU Systems is international and inclusive. There are MUTU Mamas in over 100 countries! When you turn on MUTU for the first time, you’re going to see women who look like you—half of the models in the videos are MUTU professionals and half are simply mamas. It gives you a sense that you can do this. Our differences become obviously superficial once we start to really look at them. Moms are moms, no matter where we live.

She’s created a program that’s do-able & up to date.

Wendy stays current on pelvic floor and postpartum healing and support. She works with all kinds of professionals, including physical therapists. Her “less is more” approach is inviting and encouraging. You’ll hear in the interview how this also applies to the business of MUTU and not just the workouts themselves.

She’s there with you the whole way.

It’s Wendy’s voice you’ll hear when you play the MUTU videos. She cues participants with an easy to follow format that she continually adapts to make sure the movements and instructions make sense to mamas following the program. She knows where you are coming into the program, where you want to be, and supports you on that path from beginning to end.

She promotes connection.

Wendy wants you to feel connected with other mamas. MUTU Mama Connect is the online forum that comes with the program—and not one that has the vibe of an “exclusive club” but rather a loving, supportive community. There’s togetherness, listening, encouragement.

She’s a life-long learner with a healthy, unique view of “balance” that you want to hear.

Wendy devours new information in both in her business and personal life. So how does she “do it all?” Tune in and find out! Her answers to this question are absolutely brilliant!

The secret sauce of MUTU? CONNECTION.

How about that? Connection keeps coming back as the main theme no matter what we topic we discuss here on Elevating Motherhood.

If we don’t like the way our body looks or feels or works, it’s very hard for us to recover, restore and strengthen it. If you feel like you’re going it alone, it can be overwhelming and frustrating. MUTU is about connection with your body, connection between mind/body/spirit, and connection with other mamas. Find out more about MUTU here.

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