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Episode 046. Intuitive Eating with Holistic Health Coach Kristin Dovbniak

Episode 046

Eating isn’t supposed to be complicated…but it is. Most mamas I know have gone through seasons of not liking their bodies, eating disorders, deprivation, and just general complexity when it comes to meals and the foods we eat (or don’t eat).

But we have the opportunity to change that and model something different for our kids—something healthy and balanced. We are given the chance to learn and grow as women, moms, individuals and reframe our relationship with our bodies and with food. After talking with today’s guest, I feel like Intuitive Eating is a great place to start that healing journey.

Kristin (Kris) Dovbniak is a holistic health coach, certified intuitive eating counselor, podcaster, writer, speaker, recipe creator, trained chef, and mama of two. Her passion is to help women uncomplicate eating and stress less about food to bring joy back into eating again. She works with women worldwide to help them simplify nutrition and tune into their intuition to heal their relationship with food and their bodies and live happy, healthy, whole lives. She is the host of the Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast, creator of several online courses including Healthy Mama Meal Prep and Uncomplicated Eating. She lives on an island off the coast of New England with her sailor husband and her two sweet and spunky sous chefs, Sage and Wren, where you can usually find her in the kitchen.

In today’s episode, Kris & I talk about:

  • Kris’s humbling (and relatable!) story about how she got into nutrition work
  • What a holistic health coach is and does
  • Who sees eating counselors & health coaches
  • Identifying the daily eating struggles we face as women
  • What most people do (& don’t!) understand about intuitive eating
  • Nutrition info mamas need to know
  • What intuitive eating is (& isn’t)
  • Thoughts on rule-based nutrition
  • Parenting through big changes in lifestyle and food choices

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