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Episode 047. Parenting Through Grief with Emily Humphries

Episode 047

* Trigger Warning * There is mention of loss and death in this episode—loss of a child, loss of a friend, and loss of parents.

Grief has been a roommate for Emily Humphries for a while now…and she’s graciously offered to share her story with us as a means of supporting other mamas who are also experiencing seasons of grief in their life. We can learn so much through simply listening to someone else’s story and hearing examples of all the how, when, why, who, what moments that come along with grief. Emily shares her story of how she shows up for herself and her family, especially her children after the loss of friends and family.

Emily’s Bio:

Emily is the host of The Simply Stories Podcast—and I love that she brings the power of story from her who over to Elevating Motherhood. Emily is a woman who loves Jesus, her family, words, and coffee (all though things don’t honestly always run in that order.) Emily loves sharing about the activity of God in her life and creating space for others to gather ’round the table and share their stories too.

In This Episode, We Talk About:

  • Her experiences with tragedy & loss
  • Talking with kids about grief
  • Comfort (offering & receiving)
  • The role faith plays in her journey
  • The power of listening to our children process grief
  • The importance of being clear with children when talking about death
  • Paying attention to signs
  • When our kids bring up death
  • Dealing with the hard questions
  • Kids at funerals/celebrations of life
  • How to involve children in the process
  • Making space for our children within our process
  • The ministry of presence
  • That there’s strength in our honesty and vulnerability
  • The power of pausing and apologizing to our kids as needed
  • Time blocking
  • Dealing with our emotions at appropriate times
  • Tension holds things together (think rubber band)
  • Making time for our needs as the mom
  • Cultural messages about death
  • Ideas for how to get through in tough moments
  • Leaning into community
  • #allthethings

Listen to my conversation with Emily on The Simply Stories Podcast.

Emily’s Links:

You can hang out with Emily over on her blog, her podcast Simply Stories or on Instagram: @simplyemhumph / @simplystoriespodcast

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