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Episode 052. Brave Learning with Julie Bogart

Episode 052

I cannot get over the fact that Julie Bogart is here with us today! On the show! Sharing all of her incredible insight and inspiration with us! Get ready to elevate your homeschool AND your motherhood journey!

If you know, you know…you’ll get why I’m so excited! If you don’t know yet, you will after today! Julie has been my go-to resource for all things modern homeschool since I had my own children. I’ve read her book more than once, I listen to her insightful podcast on a regular basis, I use her curriculum, been inspired by her poetry tea times, and just constantly recommend her and her work to all homeschool families and educators.

Julie’s Bio:

Julie Bogart is the popular voice of common sense and compassion in the homeschool community. She’s the creator of the innovative writing program called Brave Writer and the popular fast-growing practice called Poetry Teatime. She’s the founder of a homeschool coaching community called The Brave Learner Home. She home educated her five children for 17 years who are now globe-trotting adults. Julie draws from her work with tens of thousands of homeschool families over the last 20+ years, and her own homeschool journey to enrich the homeschool and parenting experience. Her writing program includes award-winning online writing classes and paradigm-shifting writing manuals that allow parents and kids to become allies in the writing process. Julie is also the author of the best-selling book The Brave Learner and host of the popular podcast “A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief.” She enjoys raising African violets and playing with her brand new granddaughter. Julie lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In this episode, Julie and I talk about:

  • Taking the long view as a mother
  • Knowing our limits
  • Recognizing learning
  • The ghost of public school past
  • The dangers of “rigor”
  • Getting to our core beliefs about education
  • Reframing education
  • Accidental learning
  • Invisible learning moments
  • Observing: becoming students of our kids
  • Resistance
  • The value of video games
  • The issue with screens
  • The need for tangible ways for children to explore/learn
  • Family culture
  • Poetry teatime
  • How to sustain our positive energy
  • Preparing our homes
  • Insights into what Julie’s schedule looked like
  • The importance of coziness & collaboration
  • Routine
  • Giving into inspiration
  • Planning from behind
  • The Brave Writer curriculum
  • Brave Writer online classes
  • The Brave Learner
  • Bringing joy & magic to homeschooling

Interesting mentions from the show:

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain By: Betty Edwards
The Brave Writer Home

Julie’s Links:

All things Julie

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