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Episode 053. Homeschool, Books, & Living with Kids with Blogger Rachael Alsbury

Episode 053

Do you feel like you won’t be able to homeschool because you have negative ideas about what homeschool looks like? Do you wonder how on earth you’re going to find the time to homeschool your kids? Are you afraid you won’t have any time for you? How can you find time for yourself with this big, new responsibility?

No worries, mama!

Rachael Alsbury is here with us today to offer us modern homeschool support and talk about all things books, reading, and living with kids! She inspires moms in their reading lives on a regular basis both on social media and on her blog. She has incredible book resources, suggestions, and great insights for us!

Rachael’s Bio:

Rachael is a mom of four, photographer, and home educator who recently moved from Northern California back to Kansas where she grew up. She’s been a contributor for many homeschool resources, including Wild + Free and The Peaceful Press Blog. She writes her own beautiful blog at where she shares encouraging tips for parents about books, homeschooling, natural living, baking, and all things home.

In this episode, Rachael & I talk about:

  • How she finds time to read (with 4 young kids in the house)
  • Tips for reading aloud to kids who don’t sit still
  • Her homeschool journey
  • Deconstructing how we think about education & learning
  • How Books, time outside, & your own curiosity are key to homeschooling success
  • Homeschool as a slow unfolding
  • Pulling back the curtain & sharing our homeschool days online
  • End of the year review
  • Inspiration over competition
  • Normalizing modern homeschool
  • Homeschooling with a new baby around
  • The beauty of audiobooks
  • Modern homeschool support
  • Investing in yourself
  • Modeling curiosity
  • Showing our kids we’re lifelong learners
  • Choosing books (for yourself and your kids)
  • Reading life
  • Book guides (i.e. Sarah Clarkson: Book Girl, Podcast: What Should I Read Next?)
  • Free seasonal picture book list by Sarah MacKenzie of Read Aloud Revival
  • Curriculum Rachael mentions: Ambleside Online, Book Shark, Sunlight, Jennifer Pepito’s The Peaceful Press (The Kind Kingdom), Math U See
  • Reading takes time
  • How to relax when your emerging reader is taking their sweet time
  • Community: Wild + Free
  • Starting your own community

Rachael’s Links:

From Faye Blog

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