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Episode 056. Charlotte Mason 101 with Leah Boden

Episode 056

Education is the science of relations. Charlotte Mason

What is Charlotte Mason? What does that mean? Is that a school? An education philosophy? And actual person? I keep hearing “Charlotte Mason” or “Charlotte Mason inspired”—what does that mean?

These are common questions for parents who are new to homeschooling and I’ve brought the brilliant Leah Boden onto the show to get you those answers!

Leah’s Bio:

Leah Boden is married to Dave, they have four children and live in England. Leah is a long-time student and practitioner of the Charlotte Mason method of education and is passionate about helping parents find their freedom within the philosophy. Leah writes, speaks and podcasts from a foundation of faith whilst using the Charlotte Mason philosophy as a springboard into her lessons on childhood, motherhood and education. Leah delights in coaching and leading others in this refreshing way of life.

Leah is a Pastor at Mosaic Church – Coventry, speaker and writer for the international Wild + Free homeschooling community and creator of Modern Miss Mason.

In this episode, Leah & I talk about:

The Short List:

  • Gratitude, integrity, discernment, peace, gentleness, inspiration, revelation, perspective, and joy.

The Long List:

  • All things Charlotte Mason: who Charlotte was, her education philosophies, some history
  • Charlotte Mason in a nutshell
  • Motherhood, Childhood, & Education
  • Our homeschool journeys
  • Some interesting education differences between US & UK education framework
  • What Charlotte Mason meant when she said “education is the science of relations”
  • The importance of connection
  • How Charlotte Mason is truly a rich education
  • How Charlotte Mason reframes education
  • The “shaping & shipping” message we are fed as moms
  • The importance of honoring the individuals in a family
  • Habits and rhythm
  • Educating parents on how to draw out a child’s character
  • Long term vision in parenting in education
  • Differences in Charlotte Mason and brick & mortar schools
  • How Charlotte Mason is used in brick & mortar schools
  • The shocking history of how her work was almost lost!
  • How Leah became known as “The Modern Miss Mason”
  • How she is equipping and coaching parents around the world with her course: Charlotte Mason Unboxed (she adds to it every year without any additional cost!)
  • Discount Code for the Charlotte Mason Unboxed: LORIBETH20
  • The importance of keeping a mother intellectually alive
  • How education is more than a chore
  • Some insight into the energy behind Episode 035
  • Integrity on social media
  • Homeschool coaching/modern homeschool support
  • Homeschooling on a budget
  • Not using a curriculum
  • + Leah’s amazing resources…see her links below!

Interesting mentions from the show:

  • Ambleside Online
  • Margaret A. Coombs book: Charlotte Mason Hidden Heritage
  • The National Curriculum (UK version of common core, if you will)
  • The Charlotte Mason Companion
  • Katherine Levison (how to manuals)
  • Charlotte Mason’s 6 Volumes

Leah’s Links:

Instagram: @leahvboden & @modernmissmason
Course: Charlotte Mason Unboxed

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