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Episode 057. Bringing Beauty & Community into Your Homeschool with Lauren Giordano

Episode 057

Today’s conversation is real, relatable, and empowering. Lauren Giordano is with us today talking about her new magazine, her beautiful shop, all the resources she offers, the importance of community (including how to be involved and how to involve others!), as well as so many stories that will warm your heart while offering a moment of calm. You’re going to learn so much about what homeschool can actually look and feel like today.

Lauren’s Bio: Lauren is a home educating mother and business owner. She has a passion for community and interest-led learning. Lauren and her family believe that all of life is school and try to soak up all experiences!

Things Lauren & I talk about in this episode:

  • Her new magazine: The Kindred Learning Collection!
  • Lauren’s homeschool style/philosophy
  • Being flexible in homeschool education philosophy
  • Why we knew we wanted to pursue homeschooling before we even had kids
  • Learning from perspectives and people
  • Life long learning as moms
  • Bringing back enchantment & delight right now in our world
  • A bit about unschooling
  • “Parenting is a life long lesson in letting go”
  • Expectations in motherhood and homeschool
  • All of the awesome support Lauren offers:
    • Kindred Learning Collection Magazine
    • Chickie & Roo Shop
    • Flower of the Month Club & More!
  • Bringing beauty into your homeschool
  • The importance of community
  • How Lauren supports the community & offers
  • Child led learning
  • Nature studies
  • Enrichment in our homeschool
  • Being a friend who encourages and supports other moms on this homeschool journey
  • How socialization is not a worry for most homeschoolers
  • Personal accountability on social media
  • How social media serves the homeschool community well
    (hilarious pie and sourdough analogies)
  • Lauren’s favorite community resource: Instagram

Interesting Mentions from this Episode:

  • Book Lauren is reading: The Well-Trained Mind
  • The other book she’s reading: Understanding Waldorf Philosophy
  • Firefly Nature School
  • Curriculum mentions/materials: The Good & The Beautiful, Beautiful Feet Books, Simply Charlotte Mason, Singapore Dimensions, Montessori card sets, Steph Hathoway Designs, Stories Begin at Home, Letters from Afar, A Year of Tales, A Year of Learning, Rooted Childhood (for handcrafts), and Twelve Little Tales.

Lauren’s Links:
Instagram: @chickieandroo & @kindredlearningcollection

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