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Episode 080. Vertical Mindset with Disability Icon Sarah Foley

Episode 080

Dear God, Thank you so much for the seemingly good and the seemingly bad for in this moment, I do not know the difference.

Sarah Foley is one of those people who makes me feel like a better person and better mom simply by being herself. She leads by example…the way she shows up for herself and others is the definition of inspiring. I literally think of her every time I get dressed for the day and do my makeup when I feel like I don’t have time and have wasted precious moments trying to talk myself out of it. Sarah sees her worth (which is a stellar example for moms!), and she sees the worth in others—and then points it out and champions it.

Sarah’s Bio: Sarah Foley is on a mission to redefine what disability looks like and empower women to see opportunities for growth in their own seemingly disabling circumstances. She runs a mindset and fitness coaching business and was just featured in the new book Your Second Act by Patricia Heaton. She gives a fresh perspective on how our struggles can enhance our lives.

I’m excited for you to connect with Sarah. She shares so many gems of wisdom with us in this episode about mindset. Get ready for a brilliant conversation about trust, honesty, perspective, boundaries, resilience, emotions, parenting, inclusion, and inspiration.

In this episode, Sarah & I talk about:

  • What a vertical mindset is
  • A bit of her backstory and how it cracked her open & gave her a lot of her life
  • Claiming & owning who you really are
  • Mindset coaching
  • Mindset: what it is and why it’s important
  • Running on autopilot…and how to turn that off
  • The teaching of Tony Robbins
  • Sarah’s Most Popular Blog Post: A Fan of the Crap
  • Putting ourselves first & why
  • This is our “one life”
  • When we disagree with our parents
  • Self-awareness and accepting where we are…and making a very conscious plan moving forward
  • Carrying mindset over into motherhood
  • You cannot pour from an empty cup
  • The role of mother…and the person with needs who is in that role
  • Modeling self-care for our children
  • Setting healthy boundaries with our kids
  • How self-care has been affected by distance learning
  • Understanding “what is”
  • Honoring the individuals that make up a family
  • Choosing to do things differently than our parents or others isn’t a commentary on their parenting choices
  • Layers of awareness
  • The gift of therapy
  • Not thinking of things as good or bad or right or wrong
  • Wheelchair tummy
  • “And” not “Or”
  • Thriving!
  • Connection
  • Answering the question: How do you want to feel?
  • Redefining the term disability
  • Being gentle while we get to know ourselves
  • Allowing our kids to be independent
  • Monica Swanson, author of Boy Mom (and guest in Episode 08)
  • Empowering our children and teaching them empathy
  • Observing ourselves and making shifts as needed
  • Resilience…why it’s important, how it’s lacking, and how we can build it
  • Studying resilience
  • Secret sauce tips from Sarah!
  • Energy as a habit
  • Training ourselves to be energized and ready
  • Emotions are key in parenting
  • Book: The Body Keeps the Score
  • Inclusion revolution
  • How we can teach our kids about persons with disabilities in a respectful, compassionate way
  • Treating people with disabilities just like everyone else
  • Seeing people for who they are and not the chair they are in
  • Moms: please stop “the yank”
  • All of Sarah’s amazing resources!

Sarah’s Links: Website, Instagram, and Facebook

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