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Episode 081. Called to Create: What Little Wonder with Sarah McNamee

Episode 081

Knowing when to recharge and knowing that’s okay, to me, that’s part of the balance.

Today’s episode is a treat. It’s a cheerful conversation between work from home moms trying to juggle life, love, kids, chaos, business, and ecommerce as life-long learning, entrepreneurial moms.

Sarah has a beautiful online shop called What Little Wonder…it’s sweet, it’s charming, and (to me) the best part is: it’s gender neutral. As a girl mom with three daughters, I was over the “pink is for girls” nonsense before my first was even born. Sarah has curated a stunning shop that speaks to my mama heart (and style preferences!) If you’re in the market for holiday gifts, I highly recommend you check out What Little Wonder as an awesome way to shop small, support a small business, and cheer on this mom boss.

Sarah’s Bio: Sarah McNamee started What Little Wonder as a single mom after seeing a hole in the market for more items that weren’t so “baby.” It’s been three years since it’s launch and Sarah is now a mom of 5 (her youngest is 3 months old!) Each and every item in What Little Wonder is something Sarah would choose for her own children (which works out for us because she has such great taste!)

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In this episode, Sarah & I talk about:

  • How she started her adorable shop
  • Gender neutral baby items (& how it’s so hard to find them!)
  • Shopping small
  • Supporting small businesses
  • Supporting mom businesses
  • Banning pink as a girl mom
  • The weird messaging and images on mainstream baby clothes
  • The history of gender colors…blue was for girls and pink was for boys (and why!)
  • The famous FDR photo of him wearing a dress
  • The influence of marketing
  • The influence of ultrasounds on gender specific coloring
  • How small shops are changing the color stereotypes
  • Bringing beauty and peace into your home (with lovely, neutral baby items!)
  • Loving supportive language around our babies and children
  • Curating a shop
  • Life-long learning as a business owner
  • Behind the scenes of owning a shop
  • The pragmatics of being a work from home mom/business owner
  • Dealing with #momguilt as a working mom
  • Growing our businesses while growing a family
  • Getting creative with work hours
  • Being present with our kids
  • Leveraging strengths and building on weaknesses
  • Teaching ourselves the skills we need to grow our businesses
  • Learning as we go!
  • Starting before you’re ready
  • Learning just to learn
  • A full circle moment for Sarah!
  • Being part of a community of moms
  • Balance and motherhood
  • Working with kids around
  • Learning when to rest and recharge
  • Balance and mom guilt together
  • Exhaustion
  • Asking for help when we need it
  • Leaning into community and those who understand
  • Give yourself grace when learning (& we are always learning)
  • Seeking peace with flexibility instead of balance
  • Encouragement for moms who want to start a business
  • We all have something to offer the world
  • Don’t let doubt run your decision making process
  • “It really is possible” – do it!
  • Making time for what’s important to you as a mom
  • Be true to who you are—putting out what is authentically you

Sarah’s Links: Website and

My favorite What Little Wonder Products Right Now:

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