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Episode 107. Ending the Stigma of Sobriety with Jenna Dillulio

Episode 107

Today we’re talking very openly and honestly with Jenna Dillulio about her journey with alcohol, stigmas around drinking and sobriety, and mommy wine culture messages that are disempowering moms. Is this an anti-alcohol episode? Nope. It’s a pro-information, empowerment episode.

Jenna shows up with incredible vulnerability…and the result of such honesty is pretty mind blowing. She’s walking the walk and modeling kindness and authenticity in ways that we need more of in general—whatever the topic.

Jenna’s Bio: Jenna Dillulio is a social media influencer with a social media platform that is built around beauty, fashion and her sobriety. Her goal is to end the stigma of addiction in a fun light-hearted way, all while giving women a place to find inspiration with makeup and style.

I’ve followed her for a while and reached out to get her perspective on sobriety and mommy wine culture and I’m so glad I did. This episode contains a ton of points to ponder and apply to your own life and beliefs.

In this episode Jenna and I talk about:

  • Jenna’s story about how she started sharing her sobriety journey
  • Stigmas behind drinking AND sobriety
  • The power of sharing sobriety journeys as inspiration
  • Peer pressure to drink at all ages
  • Why people choose to stop drinking
  • Why Jenna chose to stop drinking
  • The path to sobriety is different for everyone
  • The disconnect that alcohol brings
  • Surprises discoveries of therapy
  • Generational effects/influence of addiction
  • The glamorization of alcohol
  • The results of honesty and vulnerability
  • Self-reflection
  • It’s so much easier to see the problems of others than our own at times
  • The role of alcohol in anxiety and depression
  • Support for sobriety
  • What is genuinely supportive (and not supportive) on personal journeys
  • Loving people as they are, where they are
  • Seeing the whole person
  • When one spouse drinks and one doesn’t
  • How to support spouses and partners on their sobriety journey
  • Breaking generational cycles of addiction
  • Generational “stuff” that comes up when we have children
  • Mommy wine culture
  • Where “mommy needs a drink” came from and what this messaging is doing to moms
  • Homeschool rights and how drinking jokes hurt our mission
  • Having a dry house
  • When friends drink and you don’t
  • Book reference: Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitacker
  • Are moms being marketed to?
  • People get defensive when you talk about your choice not to drink
  • Mommy wine culture is a joke that has turned into white noise in the background
  • Moms are being marketed to in every regard
  • The lie of convenience and “being cool”
  • Coping strategies are resources and outlets, not things you can buy
  • Disempowering ad campaigns
  • Turning back on our intuition
  • Looking within instead of looking without
  • Validation seeking and alcohol
  • Normalizing alcoholism with mommy wine culture
  • How normalizing alcoholism is damaging families
  • When is “too far?” – there is no one size fits all answer for this one
  • Healing “mother wounds” & generational issues…while also creating them
  • What can be done about mommy wine culture?
  • Alcohol addiction in women is up over 50%
  • Showing up with kindness around the issue of sobriety and drinking (and life!)
  • Her journey into recovery
  • Paying attention to what you allow into your mind
  • Resources for alcohol addiction
  • Knowing when you have a problem with alcohol
  • Alcoholism is a progressive disease
  • What we can do about any issues or topics that were brought up today—how to be part of the positive change

Jenna’s Links: Website, Instagram, and Recommended Support

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