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Episode 108. To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool: 3 Questions to Help You Decide

Episode 108

We’ve come to the end of what seems to be one of the craziest years ever in education. Now what? Do we take time to reflect on what actually worked and what can just go away and never return? Are you asking yourself, your community, your children, and/or your school reflective questions? Are you just so done with this year in general that you just want to move on and hope for the best in the fall? Or do you feel unsettled and unsure which direction to move forward? Should you just homeschool? Should you at least consider it?

You are not alone! Millions of families have this nagging notion that something needs to change but aren’t sure about what exactly needs to change. Do they just go ahead and prepare for next year with all options? Or…?

Well, you’re here. And that’s a start to the untangling of these questions. This will be a quick episode to help you sort out some of those doubts and move forward in a way that supports your family, your family values, and life goals without all the buzz and input from the outside world.

I totally trust you to make the best decisions for your family in all seasons of life—even crazy time periods like this. I hope you know you can trust yourself, too. (insert huge hug here)

I think so many folks get caught up on the details of homeschool—what it looks like, can they do it, what curriculum to choose, etc. that they miss the first step which is finding your conviction through clarity. The details are important, but they are not the whole story.

Questions to Ask When Considering Homeschool:

What is the Purpose of Education? Why do you think kids “need” an education or to go to school? Every person’s answers will be different. Here are some possible answers to consider/ponder:

  • It’s just what families/children do
  • Childcare
  • Never considered anything else/a different way
  • To think
  • To learn
  • To get people to think the same way/get on the same page
  • To get people to think differently
  • To pass tests
  • To obey authority figures (teachers, parents, etc)
  • Wanting your children to experience what/how you learned
  • To gain life skills
  • To go to college
  • To get a job

What are the Goals of a “Good Education” & How Do You Measure That Type of Success? What indicators are you using to determine if your child is getting a “good” education or not? Also, what do you mean by “good?” (if using the term or substitute for quality, etc.)

  • All A’s on report card
  • Never getting in trouble at school
  • Life long learning
  • Enjoyment of learning
  • Getting into college
  • Child pursuing their dreams
  • Child pursuing your dreams for them
  • Graduate
  • Graduate with honors
  • Get a job
  • Love of learning
  • Pursuing interests and passions freely
  • Freedom
  • Opportunity

What are Your Family Values & How Does Education Align with Them? True happiness and motivation to move forward:

  • Make a list of your family’s values and beliefs
  • Does your family’s current education choice align with those values & beliefs?

And why these questions before the details like schedule, curriculum, how to homeschool, etc? Because your answers to THESE questions will give you the clarity and conviction to move forward with your decision. All details can be worked out, but if you don’t have the conviction and clarity behind them, it’s really hard to accept your decision (whatever that might be!)

The details work themselves out and the support you need to pursue homeschool (or not!) is out there and plentiful. Time, ability, what to teach and how—all of it works itself out with the abundant support (locally and online).

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