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Episode 117. Called To Create: Let’s Feed Them Plants—Why Jessica Ross Started A Vegan Cooking Show & How It Will Help You Eat More Veggies

Episode 117

…(then there’s) the societal pressure, stigmas, & expectations that you have to choose one eating way, jump on that ship, then fire cannons at everybody else.

What motivates people to start businesses? Channels? Recipes? Blogs? And what inspires people to choose eating styles? Paleo? Keto? Vegan? Whole 30? What motivates people to do the two together and show up for others with ideas for eating? Maui Mama Jessica Ross is here with us today to share her heart behind her vegan cooking show Let’s Feed Them Plants on Patreon. I personally follow Jessica because her recipes are delicious and years ago I discovered that I can get my family to willingly eat more vegetables when I lean into vegan recipes.

You all know I’m not a vegan…and that I don’t believe there is a one size fits all answer for everyone (ever) including eating styles. Jessica’s goal is not to talk you into becoming a vegan or try to convince you but to go plant-based, but instead wants to be a resource for families who are interested.

Jessica’s Bio: Jessica Ross is the creator of Let’s Feed Them Plants™, an online cooking show that she created in her home kitchen on the beautiful island of Maui. The recipes she posts are the same ones that she feeds her family in real life. Her goal is to help make plant-based decisions more convenient, satisfying, and relatable. Many of Jessica’s recipes are comfort foods that everyone can enjoy whether they’re plant-based or not.⁠ They are easily modifiable for those thriving on vegetarian, gluten-free or oil-free lifestyles. ⁠All of her recipes can be viewed, downloaded, and printed for FREE. Each of them comes with a beautiful recipe card that she hopes will hopefully become a permanent part of your meal rotations at home.⁠

In this episode, Jessica & I talk about:

  • Jessica’s journey for better digestive health
  • Annoying ads on recipe blogs
  • How Jessica is showing up on Patreon and why she chose it
  • How she started a food production business Violet & Jack
  • How she ended her food production business
  • The glamorization of creating when behind the scenes can be overwhelming
  • Doing a self-analysis to see what we are “supposed” to be doing
  • Identifying our whys behind our businesses
  • Finding what feels good in your career
  • Following your intuition and chasing your passions
  • How this past year has tasked moms with showing up differently than before
  • Being a scheduled oriented person (or not)
  • Our enneagram numbers and how they influence our businesses
  • When we feel the most successful in our businesses
  • Being flexible in business and motherhood
  • Jessica’s goal and visions for Let’s Feed Them Plants
  • Meal planning for families
  • Listening to feedback in order to better serve moms and families
  • Being a resource without judgement
  • How we get our kids to eat more veggies
  • Putting more vegetables in food
  • Giving yourself time to adjust to eating changes
  • Vs. culture and eating styles
  • When people judge your eating style choices
  • Deciding to not defend your beliefs and choices
  • Creating space for people to find the eating style that suits them and their individual body
  • Finding resources that are genuinely supportive
  • Being curious about your body and different eating styles
  • Listening to our intuition as moms
  • What Jessica wishes people understood about a plant-based lifestyle
  • Giving things a try without forcing extremes
  • Finding balance as a creative, working mom
  • Jessica’s advice for how to start a creative project
  • Finding your courage to speak your vision out loud
  • Enjoy the journey of creating

Jessica’s Links: Website, Instagram, Patreon, and Pinterest

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