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Episode 123. Therapy Option: Deep Dive Healing Group with Elizabeth Fisher Good

Episode 123

We’re showing up. We’re doing the work. We see what we’re tasked with as women and now moms—that we need to heal wounds, mend relationships, set goals, establish our values, and act on them…but what are our options when it comes to getting support to help us do the internal work?

When we think of seeking help some of the only things that come to mind are one on one sessions with a therapist and talk therapy. We’ve covered a few other options here on the podcast like brainspotting. But what else is there?

My friend Elizabeth Fisher Good is rolling out a new, transformative option this week—coaching in a group setting with other supportive women. She’s here to share all the amazing details with us today…and I decided to share it with you now because I’ve seen what comes out of Elizabeth’s dedication to helping women heal. She is an amazing resource and this healing group is an incredible opportunity to join her program A Journey to More. She is a calling awakener–someone who supports women on their journeys to understand that they are enough while honoring that they also want more in their life, that they want to answer their callings and find their purpose.

Elizabeth’s Bio: Elizabeth Fisher Good, Eternal Purpose Coach, helps women achieve a lasting freedom and a Kingdom mindset. She is a thought leader, CEO of The Selah Way Foundation, and author of Groomed. She not only breaks barriers and redefines leadership, but also steadfastly leads the charge in fighting for justice for the exploited… all while balancing her favorite roles as wife and mother of three. She challenges individuals to step out of the lies and shame of their past and embrace true freedom which comes from vulnerability, transparency and living with Jesus. Elizabeth has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and decades of experience in ministry and counseling.

Elizabeth is poised to change your world and motivates everyone she encounters to embrace their unique calling. If you’re seeking to live life free and discover your true purpose, Elizabeth invites you to take this journey with her!

In this episode, Elizabeth & I talk about:

  • How Elizabeth’s group healing space came to be
  • Her work with sex trafficking
  • Being a justice mama
  • Coming out of bad messaging
  • Saying our truths out loud
  • Being a calling awakener in others
  • Eternal purpose coach
  • Feeling like enough while wanting more
  • Being held and whole
  • Encouraging others to be held and whole
  • What the group looks like: beautiful, powerful, and anonymous
  • Realizing how limited we are
  • Talking about taboo topics
  • My recent conversation with Ann Dillard
  • How showing up as our most authentic self opens the door for others to show up as their most authentic self
  • Shame and how it shows up
  • How shame has come up in my pregnancy
  • How shame holds people back
  • Shedding years and layers of shame
  • Realizing we have more to unpack even when we are doing the work
  • Her book Groomed
  • Carrying the burden even when we have been hurt at the hands of an uncle
  • Being left to categorize our hurts and traumas by ourselves
  • Understanding what we’re stuck in and repeating
  • Unpacking what our root cause for our traumas are
  • Unearthing what has been buried and giving it voice
  • Up and Out
  • How exposure to pornography can rewire the neuropathways of children as young as 8
  • There is always the opportunity for awakening and to show up as our most authentic self
  • Creating room for the pregnant pause
  • Sitting with struggle
  • Being heard actually registers in the brain as being loved
  • Impact statements
  • The difference between one on one and group therapy
  • Legacy
  • Feeling holy discontent
  • Our hunger for affirmation
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Embracing our calling and how it can be really messy and sticky
  • Selah: to rest, to pause, to reflect
  • Women bearing witness to healing
  • Relaunching ourselves after the healing
  • Repurposing our hurts
  • Elizabeth’s program to help kids Speak Up
  • Honoring our whole selves
  • Supporting the next generation—our children

Elizabeth’s Links: Website and Instagram

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