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Episode 125. Showing Up When You Want to Shut Down with Lisa Whittle

Episode 125

Fear, comparison, feeling inadequate, overwhelm, exhaustion…there are so many factors in our lives that bring on feelings of wanting to shut down. Especially as moms. Life is good and hard at the same time…but how do we live in that dichotomy? How can we embrace the hard parts of life and the highlight reel moments and learn from all of them? Author and speaker Lisa Whittle is here with us to share some ideas on this very subject.

Lisa believes that two truths can be true at the same time. Things work together, even if they don’t seem to be working out. Our lives and circumstances are not either or…

Lisa’s Bio: Lisa Whittle is the author of eight books, and her wit and bold bottom-line approach have made her a sought-after Bible teacher. She is also the creator of a companion video Bible study for Jesus over Everything. A pastor’s daughter and longtime ministry leader in issues relevant to the church, Lisa is the founder of Ministry Strong and the popular Jesus over Everything podcast, which debuted in the top 25 of Christian podcasts. Her love runs deep to see people pursue Jesus for life, grow deep roots of faith, and walk strong in the midst of a world that so often seems to have gone crazy. She and her family live in North Carolina. Her new book, The Hard Good, releases in early September.

In this episode Lisa & I talk about:

  • Struggles of modern mamas
  • Mindset shifts that could help mama hearts
  • Fear in a mother’s heart
  • How fear has shown up since the pandemic
  • Comparison
  • Feelings of inadequacy as moms
  • Mom guilt
  • How these private struggles manifest
  • Looking at ourselves as moms when our children are leaving the nest
  • Fear that our grown children will see how inadequate we are
  • Parenting in different seasons
  • Embracing change
  • Doing things that bring us joy
  • Finding time to write a book
  • Purpose and usability of tasks, passions, and roles
  • Philosophies on “finding your purpose” – it’s not chasing a gift we can’t unwrap
  • Matthew 28
  • Becoming usable and of service in our communities
  • How chasing the ethereal idea of finding our purpose can make us stumble
  • Getting caught up in things that don’t matter that puts a lot of pressure on moms
  • The beauty of a new day and new mercies
  • Lisa’s new book The Hard Good
  • The road to spiritual transformation
  • Taking the pressure off what showing up needs to be
  • Clumsy, imperfect progress
  • Working on being present in a world that wants us distracted
  • “I am here” – commitment to presence
  • My personal journey with “where we are” and being present
  • The only constant is change
  • Being present in hard relationship moments
  • Deferring emotions
  • Wisdom and being a grown up
  • How we have abandoned discipline and discernment and started to confuse emotions and intuition
  • Making time for self-reflection
  • Being ourselves and showing up as us
  • Apologizing and mopping up after we mess up
  • How we are when we feel “spicy”
  • When emotions become god-like
  • Stifling what if questions… “What if I?” “What if they?” “What if God?”
  • How what ifs keep us inactive and stagnant
  • Moving from “What if” to “What is”
  • The What If mug:
  • Lisa’s podcast: Jesus Over Everything
  • Lisa & Ali Worthington’s project: Called Creatives

Lisa’s Links: Website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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