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Episode 129

Episode 129

A wealth of inspiration and a breath of fresh air, Liz Galvan gives moms permission to look fully at their lives and figure out how to live with intention—not only within their homes but within their family unit and within themselves.

In this episode, we explore how we can bring beauty, peace, and a sense of coziness into our homes all year long by embracing the interconnectedness of our own actions with how we react and perceive the world we live in. It begins with us, and we can think about it, take action, and have fun, all with the way we show up for those around us.

Liz’s Bio: Liz Marie Galvan is the author of Cozy White Cottage Seasons, a blogger, momma, wife, and co-owner of the home décor boutique, The Found Cottage. Liz blogs daily on her website,, where thousands of people go for tips and inspiration each day—whether she’s blogging about life on the farm, their fixer-upper 1800s farmhouse, her latest DIY project, or even about their adoption journey. Liz lives in Michigan with her veteran husband, Jose, and their son, Copeland Beau, along with a few sheep, a lot of bees, a bunch of cats, and even a couple of dogs. You can follow Liz and all of her adventures on Instagram @LizMarieGalvan.

Liz’s Links: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

In this episode, Liz & I talk about:

  • Her blog and new book
  • Life on the farm
  • Being in business with her husband
  • Adopting
  • Being “cozy in the moment”
  • Her brick and mortar store, The Found Cottage
  • Preconceived notions about what “cozy” is
  • The definition of “cozy”
  • Finding what your senses love
  • Budgeting vs “Pinterest perfect”
  • Design decisions
  • Rugs as a design choice and budget savior
  • Social media pressures
  • The notion of being “real”
  • Being drawn to authenticity
  • Showing up on hard days
  • The seasonal approach to cozy
  • Going into the seasons with a fresh mind
  • Ways to create memories with your family
  • Being present and in the moment
  • Multitasking and self-care
  • Mom guilt
  • Justifying your home and self-care
  • Being a better parent by taking care of yourself
  • Taking your form of rest daily
  • Disconnecting
  • Seasonal bucket lists
  • Creating cozy family traditions
  • Giving back during the holidays
  • Going back to the basics
  • Being intentional
  • Using what you have
  • Plants in your décor
  • Slow growth
  • Keeping a white house clean with kids and pets
  • Learning to stop apologizing
  • Tips to keep whites white
  • Perfection is not cozy

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