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Episode 133. Aligned Adventure: Create Your Best Summer Ever in 2 Lists!

Episode 133

Summer flies by…we only have 18 summers with our kiddos (but do we?) In this episode, I address the mom guilt that surrounds creating magical summer for and with our kids + give you some great ideas to have fun with ease–the ease that comes from living an aligned life.

The 2 Lists:

1. Family Values List
2. Summer Bucket List

Add meaning to your summer by creating a family bucket list that aligns with your family’s values. I know that my family thrives most when we align our actions and values…and that includes things like summer fun!

1. Identify what your family values—make a values list first!

  • Examples: Faith, Social, Character, Health, Education, Time, Financial
  • Our family values: time in nature, friendships, trying new activities, going to new places, eating quality foods, and rest.

2. Take everyone into consideration—create your activities/wish list!

  • Take the pressure off yourself to be the one who does it all and plans it all. Summer magic can happen with the help and input of your family
  • Ask everyone what they hope to do this summer
  • Write down their suggestions. See what is feasible and which ones align with your family’s values
  • If your kids are too young to give their input, use your values as a guide to create plans, adventures, or daily habits

3. Put your lists into action

    • Every Day Goals: If you value being outside, an everyday goal could be to eat outside as much as possible or prioritize having your morning coffee outside or get outside first thing in the morning or last thing at night catching fireflies with your kids.
    • Destination Goals: your value of being outside could look more adventurous and out of the ordinary rhythm of life, like booking a camping trip or planning a trip to a local park or stream you’ve never been to.
    • Look to see which items overlap. For our family, our summer list includes requests for fishing, swimming, and being on a boat. One day on the lake in a boat could check all 3 of those hopes off our bucket list.

4. Troubleshoot with your Values List First.
Use your values list to troubleshoot as needed. Plans go awry. Attitudes go sideways. The weather turns. Plans get messed up. How can we re-center? Go back to our values list first. It’s your values list that is going to inspire you and give you perspective when your bucket list of hopes goes sideways.

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