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Episode 143. Learning Self-Sufficiency & Homesteading Science with Kody Hanner

Episode 143

The modern homestead movement is 100% a state of mind. It’s the strive for self-sufficiency.

My friend Kody Hanner wrote a homestead curriculum that my family adores. It’s being used by homeschoolers, schools, and I know some adults who could benefit from the huge amount of information in her homestead curriculum. Kody joins us today to talk about her curriculum, how it came to be, the modern homestead movement, life-long learning, parenting, and so much more.

Kody has generously offered a discount code for listeners of Elevating Motherhood. Use the code LORIBETH for 10% off your Homestead Education purchase.

Kody’s Bio: Kody is a wife of a veteran, mother of 6, homesteader, and homeschooler, that has devoted her life to agriculture and embracing rural living. She created and authored the Homestead Education series of homeschool curricula that includes homestead science. She is the host of The Homestead Education Podcast, which is rapidly growing in popularity where she chats candidly about homesteading, homeschooling, and personal growth.

In This Episode, Kody and I Talk About:

  • What qualifies as homesteading
  • How she got started as a homesteader
  • Her homestead background
  • Homestead flexing
  • Permaculture
  • How she stared writing a curriculum
  • The need for a homeschool homestead curriculum
  • The writing process
  • How long it took her to write the curriculum
  • You don’t need to know everything, you need to know how to find good information
  • The modern homestead movement
  • Reach out to your county’s extension office for resources
  • Production over consumption
  • Slowing down
  • Taking responsibility for your life
  • Having entrepreneurial values
  • People like to quiz homeschoolers randomly
  • Adding depth to science experiments
  • Who the curriculum is for
  • Complaints she has received about the curriculum
  • Writing to a broad audience
  • Healing disconnect
  • Integrating topics into your homeschool
  • The goal of her curriculum
  • Learning self sufficiency as a family
  • Learning life skills as a family
  • Building ownership and quality of character
  • Cranking out factory kids isn’t working anymore
  • John Taylor Gatto’s books about education
  • Entrepreneur values vs. an industrial model
  • The regurgitation of information
  • The homestead movement
  • The homeschool movement
  • The home movement
  • Bringing family back together movement</li
  • Creating over consuming
  • Education reform
  • The mistake that is compulsory preschool
  • The opportunity of self-sufficiency
  • Teaching our kids to be participants in their own lives rather than consumers
  • Building confidence

Kody’s Links: Website and Instagram

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