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Episode 144. Clonlara: Unique Accredited Support for Homeschoolers—An interview with Clonlara Director of Education April Huard

Episode 144

My children are homeschooled at home in Idaho but are technically private school students at Clonlara School in Michigan. How does that work? I get that question A LOT so I’ve invited April Huard, the Director of Education at Clonlara School onto the show to answer that question and share more about Clonlara’s unique and transformative mission.

Clonlara’s Mission: The mission of Clonlara School is to transform education on a global scale through a highly personalized approach that fosters authenticity, autonomy, and joy in the learning process. We are passionate about supporting homeschooling families as they follow their curiosities and become lifelong learners.

April Huard Bio: April is currently the Director of Education at Clonlara School, but started her education career as a second-grade teacher in a public school. When her oldest child was ready for kindergarten, she quit her job to start homeschooling her. April had no idea at the time that homeschooling would turn into a lifelong passion and prepare her for a career at Clonlara School. April and her husband have homeschooled all five of their children at various points during their school years. At Clonlara, April works with on-campus and off-campus students and an amazing global team of passionate educators.

In this episode, April & I talk about:

  • Her journey to her role at Clonlara
  • Multiple language options available
  • On campus programs
  • Off campus programs
  • How Clonlara came to be
  • Homeschool support
  • Accreditation
  • The history of homeschool laws in Michigan
  • Homeschool became legal in Michigan in 1993
  • The founder Pat
  • Who uses Clonlara’s unique education support
  • The role of advisors at Clonlara
  • Global change begins at home with moms
  • Taking responsibility for our child’s education
  • There is no one size fits all answer for anything ever
  • Support for homeschool moms
  • Support for homeschool parents
  • Diversity of Clonlara families
  • Global learning community
  • Changes since Covid
  • Clubs and group activities for students
  • Socialization and homeschooling
  • We’re not alone in our teaching
  • We’re not alone in our homeschool
  • Benefits of Clonlara
  • Get your high school diploma through Clonlara
  • Transcripts for homeschoolers
  • The natural learning process made visible
  • Metacognition skills
  • Reflecting on progress
  • Self reflection
  • Teaching follow through
  • Keeping doors and opportunities open for students
  • Curriculum suggestions
  • The role of Clonlara advisors
  • Interest Led Learning
  • Education reform
  • The face of education is changing
  • Shifts that have happened since covid
  • Hybrid schooling
  • Learning pods
  • Micro schools
  • Education trends being discussed at education conferences
  • Homeschool is legal in all 50 states
  • Alternative education models
  • Feeling more freedom to explore alternative education
  • Approaching education with ease
  • Good teachers bring oxygen to the room
  • Clonlara means “meadow of the mare”

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