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Episode 018: Be the Light

Episode 018

Today’s episode is coming to you on a Friday instead of a Wednesday this week because a lot of us will be celebrating Christmas on the 25th and we’ll be more than a little distracted on that particular Wednesday…plus Hanukkah & Solstice begin on the 22nd and Kwanzaa & Boxing Day on the 26th and and and…the list of celebrations is huge in the month of December. And I thought it would be helpful during this busy time of year to do a mindset check. Yes, even this close to big holidays.

This is an insanely stressful time of year and it’s easy with all of the sales and shiny signs and glittery this that and the other thing to feel overwhelmed and grumpy and exhausted and burdened by a million obligations on top of our everyday busy-ness. Not to mention all of the people you suddenly have to interact with for various reasons.

We do have a choice to step out of the chaos and come back into ourselves, our family, our family’s values, and what really, truly means the most to our little family during the holidays we celebrate.

I thought about going over expectations, obligations, actions, scheduling, and all the things and try to offer you actionable points and ideas to combat stress, but…then a clear message came to me:


Be the light. That’s it. That is going to be my mantra for the rest of the year. When I get stressed or pressured or overwhelmed. Or my kids are overwhelmed. Or are losing it. Or the cashier is about to lose it. Or the people looking for the closest parking spot are about to lose it. Or angry words or fingers go flying. Or people are driving aggressively. Or things aren’t being delivered according to schedule. Or something gets lost in the mail. Or I burn the monkey bread on Christmas morning (again). Or the chickens get out as we’re trying to go to a holiday show. Or the toddler spills hot cocoa all over her dress before we get a decent picture. Or the holiday card company loses my order for the second time.

Whatever comes my way. I have a choice. I can be the light. I can offer the smile. I can listen. I can nod empathetically. I can crack a joke. Lighten the mood. I can serve up hot cocoa. I can serve up grace. I can be the light.

I can take commitments off the calendar. I can hug my kids. I can smile at everyone. I can be at peace with mix-ups (knowing they are inevitable). I can give that person the close parking spot (they’re going to take it anyway), but I can offer it with a happy heart and move on. I can thank the cashier. I can thank the customer service rep for trying (or forwarding me to a manager). I can laugh off the mishaps that are going to happen. I can try my best and make space for others to try their best, too.

Be the light. Be the face that lights up when your kids share their holiday crafts with you. Be the calm, understanding heart as often as you can. And when you get overwhelmed, know that you can come out of it. It’s not forever. You have the light inside of you, it just gets clouded over sometimes, and that’s okay. We can help ourselves (and each other) in those moments.

It’s a mantra, not a magic spell. Just something to keep in mind as we parent through these crazy last few weeks of the year. It’s worth trying. I know I’m going to. I almost want a tattoo of it so I can keep coming back the notion. Be the light…some of you might see me out in public looking pretty far removed from that mantra…but I can come back to it. I can regroup, re-center, and be the light. You can, too. You already are.

Thank you for being a light in my life. My heart is so full of gratitude for all of you. Thank you for your support, your insights, friendship, and love. I feel it every day and am so grateful. Truly, you are a light for me. And I thank you for sharing your light with not only your children but other mamas as well. You are making a difference. By showing up, putting in the work, and being the light that you already are.

I’m excited to meet you back here next year for more incredible episodes! I’m so proud to be elevating motherhood along side you! Aloha!

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