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Episode 019. Bellies, Backs, Bottoms, & Bladders: Physical Therapy for Moms with Angie Peters, MPT

Episode 019

You know the jokes… how moms can’t go to the trampoline park or even sneeze without peeing a little? We’ve just come to accept it as annoying and kind of funny at the same time. What if I told you there is something that can be done about it? That bladder issues after baby are common but not normal?

It’s true! And today’s guest, Angie Peters, is here to share valuable insights about pelvic floor health and physical therapy with us. It turns out there are a LOT of options that don’t just involve elusive Kegels. (I mean, are any of us actually doing them right!?) A well trained, compassionate physical therapist can help mamas so, so much.

Angie is a physical therapist on the island of Maui who specializes in pelvic floor rehab. I used her services during and after two of my three pregnancies (because with the first, I didn’t understand this was an option!) She offered me loving support, guidance, and care during those sensitive times to help me figure out what was going on with my body and what I could do about it.

In this episode, she shares with us insights on:

  • What physical therapy (PT) is
  • Common ailments mamas go to PT for
  • Who can benefit from PT
  • When you should seek out pelvic floor PT
  • How you can get in to see a physical therapist
  • Common hang ups moms have about going to PT
  • How to prepare for your PT appointment
  • What to expect in PT
  • Tips for finding & interviewing a PT
  • And tips for follow through + personal accountability once your PT appointment is over

I want relief for you, mama! I want you to know about and understand how PT is a valuable option for mamas who are experiencing pain, discomfort, incontinence, pain during sex, and other issue moms commonly experience during and after pregnancy. PT is a great way to take control of your health, understand your body, and take an active role in helping resolve these annoying issues.

Be sure to share this episode with other mamas who could benefit from information about Physical Therapy!

Here are the resources Angie mentions in the show:

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