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Episode 020. “What About Me?” Connecting with Yourself & Your Family When You’re Married with Kids

Episode 020

Me time when you’re married with kids? Yup. It’s possible.

But how? How can there be any time for anything when everyone else’s needs feel so important and our schedules are so busy? It’s enough to leave any parent asking “what about me?”

This happened to my husband Chris & I. We felt like our needs weren’t getting met, our schedule was a mess, and we’d get resentful if the other person got to go do something by themselves and we didn’t.

And then things changed.

Not magically overnight, but there was a shift–one we initiated. We found what worked for us, got a calendar, and started to align our actions and values. Now we make space for an abundance of “me time” every single week for every person in our family. The resentment is gone, we’re happier and more energized, our connections are deeper, and we’re in a really good place. How did we do it? Tune in as we share what works for us in the hopes it will inspire you to find more time for connecting with yourself & your family.

We talk about…

  • Finding “me time” as a parent/couple
  • Our biggest frustrations with scheduling
  • Unspoken expectations
  • 1 sided spoken expectations
  • Where we started (it’s not glamorous)
  • Transitions
  • Mindset: Honoring the individual
  • Aligning our actions and values
  • Where to start
  • How our calendar works
  • Childcare responsibilities
  • The importance of talking about it
  • Trying new things/getting to know yourself after baby
  • Self awareness
  • Tit for tat and other road blocks
  • Letting go of social norms/expectations
  • Long term + short term goals
  • And how to get creative to make time for yourself!

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