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Episode 021. Loss of a Child: How to Offer Support in Times of Grief with Sonya Niess

Episode 021

Trigger Warning.

Sonya Niess has returned to the show today. She was my first guest in Episode 2 when we talked about expectations and motherhood. If you haven’t tuned in to that episode, I highly recommend going back and listening to it. It really is the first part of a very powerful story. And one that contains transformative perspective for any mom.

At this point, the title has probably clued you in to what happened next on Sonya and Naia’s journey.

Please know that this is a trigger warning. It’s with a heavy heart that I tell you we will be talking about the loss of a child in today’s episode. Sonya will be sharing her story and opening up about her grieving process. She also generously offers ideas for us about how to be supportive during and after times of loss. Her ideas really resonate with me and I know they will for you, too. Many of us feel at a loss ourselves when we hear such stories. Our hearts and heads often struggle with what to do or say in those moments. Sonya gifts us with loving perspective and tangible ideas. For that I’m very grateful.

If you’re wondering whether to listen or not, please know that this episode is for all of us.

For moms who have also lost a child. My heart goes out to you and I hope you find comfort, support, and understanding through Sonya’s story.

For moms who know someone who has lost a child and long for insight into what to say or do to support a grieving family. Sonya offers ideas for us.

It’s also for moms who have experienced neither, but want to learn more for the sake of compassion and understanding.

There are a lot of deep breaths in this episode.

Tune in to hear brave, sweet Sonya talk about support, encourage understanding, and offer us gentle advice about how to be helpful during times of loss.

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