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Episode 071: It’s Okay to Laugh: Special Needs Parenting with Hilary Harris

Episode 071

Act normal and read the room.

Hilary Harris and her husband Rich are the hosts of the new podcast “It’s Okay to Laugh.” They are knocking it out of the park! As special needs parents, they felt called to talk more openly and honestly about their experience as a way to let other special needs parents know they are not alone and gently educate anyone else who is interested in supporting special needs families.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding disabilities. Being a care giver can be very isolating—Hilary understands this and is showing up in creative ways to shine a light into that space.

I love that you’re here for this conversation—whether you’re a special needs parent who is looking for support or a mom who is looking for ideas on how to help friends who have special needs children or how we can lovingly teach our kids how to interact with special needs families.

Hilary’s perspective, honesty, and humor are refreshing for all parents. She is honest about the realities of her situation and yet still full of hope, dreams, and a belief that there is more.

Hilary’s Bio: Hilary and her husband Rich are parents to three little girls, Jane, Haven, and Millie. They pastor at The Father’s House Church in Northern CA. Together they host their podcast, “It’s Okay to Laugh”. Their lives were changed when their first daughter Jane was born. Jane lives with epilepsy, blindness, immobility and special needs. It is Hilary’s desire to share their story through writing and speaking, to bring hope, healing and laughter to others who have faced disappointment and tragedy. Hilary graduated from Sacramento State with a BA in communication and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Theology. Hilary LOVES eating great food, getting her fitness on, spending time outside with her family, and purging her kid’s toys when they aren’t looking.

In this episode, Hilary & I talk about:

  • Her family’s story about when Jane was born
  • When we feel dismissed when presented with big information
  • How we can be more supportive
  • What to say to
  • Not being in the mood to answer questions
  • Ideas for how to interact with parents or special needs children
  • Ideas for how we can teach our kids to positively interact with people with special needs
  • What it’s like to be in public
  • Questions over assumptions
  • How society is shifted in their approach
  • Overcompensating
  • Fear of offending
  • Terminology: is it “special needs” or “disabled”
  • We’re all learning along this journey
  • Parallels: how so many ideas and thoughts surrounding special needs really applies to all parents and parenting
  • “Just ask questions”
  • What Hilary wishes more moms understood what being a special needs parent is really like
  • Grief
  • PTSD
  • Showing up with compassion
  • Being curious in a healthy way
  • Compassion fatigue
  • How we can show up authentically
  • Why we should buy chips & have them delivered to our friends—no seriously
  • Making time for creativity as moms
  • The elements of creativity: discipline, beauty, & sharing
  • Personality types
  • Enneagram 7s – personality changes along the way (7s want to run from pain)
  • Her podcast and intended audience
  • Education vs. advocacy
  • Supporting special needs dads

Hilary’s Links: Website and Podcast

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