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Episode 088. Health, Nourishment, and The Weston A. Price Foundation with Hilda Labrada Gore

Episode 088

Welcome to 2021! The New Year brings with it a lot of talk about expectations, health, and overhauling our lifestyles and diets with goals, resolutions, and the best of intentions.

And, to be honest, I find all of the expectations surrounding the New Year really overwhelming.

And if our main goal is a healthy body, mindset, and lifestyle—what does that mean? What does that look like? Over the years, I’ve come to believe that true health varies for each person—and the more we can learn and broaden our understanding of “health,” we can easily begin to apply a wide variety of perspectives, ideas, and teachings to ourselves and our own health journeys. There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to our children’s health, our family’s health, or our own health.

I’m really excited for the opportunity to introduce you to Hilda Labrada Gore—someone who has been very influential in my own personal health journey. In fact, her voice and work is such an everyday presence in my life and learning that I realized it’s probably time I shared more about her and her work with you. She’s frequently referred to as “Holistic Hilda,” (which, the idea of holistic is just one more layer in the “what is true health” conversation). In this episode, Hilda and I talk about the realities of modern motherhood, what holistic means, ancestral concepts of nutrition, how we can nourish ourselves and our children, intuition, connection, ideas for improving our diet and overall health, as well as myths and expectations surrounding the idea of health & wellness in our modern world.

Hilda’s Bio: Hilda Labrada Gore is the host and producer of the Wise Traditions and Tradiciones Sabias podcasts. A certified health coach, she has traveled the world exploring traditional practices for optimal well-being. Hilda shares the best of experts, experiences, and epic adventures on the podcasts, her Holistic Hilda YouTube channel, and on ancestral health tours that she leads. Hilda is also a podcast coach and the author of “Podcasting Made Simple.” She especially enjoys helping people in the health and wellness space launch and improve their shows. Hilda has energy to spare thanks to her love for sunshine and liverwurst.

Hilda is passionate about helping mothers nourish themselves and their children well. The grace she brings to this conversation is just what I’ve been searching for to set the tone for a positive, nurturing New Year!

In this episode, Hilda & I Talk About:

  • What “holistic” means
  • Ancestral approach to health
  • The role of food and physical elements of health
  • Acknowledging the role of emotional and spiritual components of health
  • Breaking modern health stigmas & misconceptions
  • How to move beyond looking at our body through a mechanistic point of view
  • Looking at health through a broader lens than Western medicine
  • Looking at the whole self and our relationship with others
  • My personal journey with a candida infection, chronic sinus infections
  • Taking responsibility for our health and having our own epiphanies about our health
  • Trusting our own intuition and spirit when it comes to our health
  • Hilda’s experience for Dadirri on her trip to Australia
  • What is The Weston A. Price Foundation
  • Who is Weston A. Price (the Canadian dentist from Ohio)
  • Finding commonalities with peoples all over the world
  • The importance of eating whole foods instead of processed foods
  • Weston A. Price book referenced: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
  • The 11 Principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation
    • Principle 1: Avoid all refined and denatured food
    • Principle 2: Include animal products
    • Principle 3: Choose foods with high levels of vitamins A, D, and K2
    • Principle 4: Eat some animal foods raw; cook most plant foods
    • Principle 5: Enjoy lacto-fermented foods and beverages
    • Principle 6: Prepare grains, nuts and seeds by soaking and sour levening
    • Principle 7: Limit polyunsaturated oils; embrace saturated fats
    • Principle 8: Balance omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
    • Principle 9: Use unrefined salt
    • Principle 10: Include nourishing bone broth in soups, stews, and sauces
    • Principle 11: Traditional cultures make provisions for the health of future generations by providing special nutrient-rich foods for parents-to-be, pregnant women, and growing children; by proper spacing of children, and by teaching the principles of right diet to the young
  • Hilda’s interview with Dr. Natasha Kimbell-McBride (Episode 109 of Wise Traditions)
  • Nutrient dense foods
  • My learning experience with a recent juice cleanse
  • Nurturing ourselves when pregnant and after we become mothers
  • The vital role of bone broth for moms
  • Giving yourself grace postpartum
  • Learning to say no as a mom
  • Hilda’s interview with Heng Ou, author of The First 40 Days (Episode 259 of Wise Traditions)
  • Creative ways to serve bone broth to your kids
  • Bone broth recipes to make it taste better
  • Honoring bio-individuality
  • Forest bathing
  • Getting morning sun
  • Going outside as often as possible
  • Setting our circadian rhythm
  • Getting up before/at sunrise
  • Making time for gratitude and prayer throughout the day
  • Starting the day with a ritual or habit of getting outside
  • Starting the day on your own terms
  • Grounding as a way to stabilize ourselves in a really effective way
  • Nourishment happens outside of just food
  • Nourishing ourselves as moms and nourishing our kids
  • Nature Based Homeschool Curriculum I use: Blossom & Root
  • My “water and worship” habit
  • The Indoor Generation video from IG that I mentioned:
  • Consequences from a disconnect with nature and our bodies
  • Deep intuitive connection to our bodies
  • Busting through modern myths & misconceptions about health
  • The unrealistic physical expectation that we are to be ripped and strong and tough
  • Health can be soft, warm, and nurturing
  • Pre-pregnancy jean toxicity
  • Moms can be strong without fitting into a mold
  • Stopping the hate on our postpartum bodies
  • Strengthening our bodies where they are
  • Nourishing the body you have instead of the body you wish you had
  • Dropping unrealistic expectations of what our bodies are supposed to look like postpartum
  • The magic that happens when we let go of expectations
  • Opting out—what we can do when we’re faced with judgement for our choices that might not be mainstream
  • Hilda’s tips for meeting the day with more grace: being proactive
  • Creating a space that’s positive and loving
  • Dr. Zach Bush: we are co-creators of our reality (Episode 248 Of Wise Traditions)
  • Looking at the world with a paradigm of positivity
  • “We’re going to live life, not watch it.” – Hilda
  • Teaching our children to live in a very empowered, creative way and to think for themselves
  • Broth, Bacon, and Butter
  • Be Brave…don’t be afraid to buck conventional wisdom
  • Hilda’s Free PDF: 3 Ways to Boost Your Health Right Now
  • Book Reference: Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferriss
  • Hilda is working on a podcast course!

Hilda’s Links: Website, Parler, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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