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Episode 114. Restoring Metabolic Health with Kori Meloy

Episode 114

This is an episode that absolutely reminds me of why I love podcasting so much. This episode is not only going to be a jam packed resource for you, a solid lead on where to start with metabolic health, but also an empowering conversation that will leave you more curious about your own body and health to the point that you’ll want to learn more AND take action.

Metabolic health is becoming more mainstream and thank goodness it is because metabolic markers are huge indicators in our lives! Today you are going to learn a ton of information about your body, your health, eating, lifestyle and so much more—information that’s going to empower you on your health (and life!) journey.

Kori’s Bio: Kori Meloy helps women restore their metabolism & youthful vitality through her online course, Freely Rooted. Through her journey holistically healing her Endometriosis & other chronic issues, she became passionate about answering the question “how do we eat, live, & move in a way that supports our actual physiological design?” If we knew the answer to this, we would know how to lay the foundation for our bodies to fall into balance & thrive! In a world of diet culture & noisy health + wellness advice, she realized that we are moving further and further away from what is truly supportive to the body. Kori set out to help women restore their own imbalances by taking charge of their health, rediscovering their biological design, & returning to real food. Kori is pregnant with her second child & lives on the island of Maui with her husband & 3 year old son.

In this episode, Kori & I talk about:

  • How Kori came to Maui
  • Her introduction to eating for metabolic health
  • Holistic health
  • Unschooling and interest-led learning
  • Metabolism describes the function of our bodies down to the cellular level
  • Metabolism is the bigger picture of our health because it is describing: our hormone balance, reproductive health, fertility, our ability to detox, gut health, energy, sleep quality, injury repair, thyroid activity
  • Allopathic approach to symptoms: manage symptoms
  • Identifying the root cause
  • Metabolic markers as an assessment of health
  • Unintentionally pushing ourselves deeper into disfunction
  • Symptoms of a thriving metabolism:
    • Warmth—warm hands and feet
    • Resting heart rate between 75 & 90 beats per minute
    • Regular bowel movements (1-3 per day)
    • Strong and shiny hair and nails
    • Strong libido
    • Symptomless periods and menopause
    • Healthy appetite (waking up hungry)
    • Being hungry every 3-4 hours after that
    • Steady energy
    • Stable moods
    • Feeling relaxed and at ease
    • Ability to self regulate under stress
    • Injury and wound repair
    • Ability to sleep through the night
  • The normalized message that motherhood is “exhausting”
  • Gluconeogenesis
  • The issue with a keto diet
  • Running on stress hormones
  • Learning about yourself so you can find an eating style that fits your bodies
  • Grounding self awareness into the physical body
  • The lifestyle of metabolic health: body, mind, & spirit
  • Diet culture mindset
  • EMF exposure, environmental toxins, water quality
  • Shifting our lifestyle to support our bodies
  • Our bodies us what we eat completely differently depending on how/when we eat
  • Shifting from short term goals to long term goals
  • Putting imbalances back into place
  • Examples of pro-metabolic foods
  • Bioavailability of food
  • Retinol
  • Cholesterol is essential for sex hormones
  • Why we sometimes see elevated cholesterol
  • Low in plant toxin carbs
  • Kori’s course on metabolism
  • Uprooting mindset imbalances
  • Empowering ourselves on our eating journey
  • Having mercy for the moms who came before us
  • Why people begin exploring metabolic health lifestyle
  • Mommy wine culture and the metabolism
  • Episode 107
  • Being curious about our triggers and what is bothering us
  • Curiosity as a practice
  • Metabolic eating for kids
  • Knowing how to nurture ourselves with food so we can nourish our children
  • Food as bribery and punishment
  • Trusting our kids with food
  • Free resources for metabolic eating/health
  • Kori’s podcast: Freely Rooted
  • Beginning steps to restoring your metabolism
  • Book: How to Heal Your Metabolism by Kate Deering
  • Kori’s course
  • Weight is not a health marker for most of us—metabolic markers are

Kori’s Links: Website, Course, Podcast and Instagram

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