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Episode 078. Thyroid 101: Hashimoto’s & Healing with Stacey Robbins

Episode 078

Stacey and I have a GOOD time when we talk and this conversation is no exception…I’m so glad you’re here with us right now. Stacey Robbins is a wealth of information, perspective, and compassion. And most of that stems from a long, healing health journey that she’s going to share more about with us today. At 27 years old, Stacey was on the verge. On many levels. She struggled big time…but found healing, health, and understanding after turning inward—she really showed up for herself, put in the work, and is now thriving and helping others on their journeys.

I want you to stay with us as this conversation unfolds. We do go over the basics of thyroid health and awareness—such as what the thyroid does, why we should be aware of it, and what topics to bring up with your trusted medical professional—just know that we talk about the most important components of thyroid health first. And they might not be what you think. After editing this episode, I kind of wondered if I overshared (because I have thyroid issues, too) or went too far away from main topic of thyroid health, but after thinking about it (okay, after overthinking about it), I decided that what this conversation boils down to is what almost every episode of Elevating Motherhood boils down to: connection. It’s all connected. All of life is connected. And this conversation is no exception.

My hope is that if you’re curious about thyroid health, wonder if something might be off with your thyroid, or are currently suffering with thyroid issues or Hashimoto’s that you’ll learn a lot by hearing Stacey’s story and insights. She is after all the author of You’re Not Alone and You’re Not Crazy

Stacey’s Bio: Stacey Robbins (CHC, RYT200) is a soulful storyteller and key influencer in the global conversation on healing your life through Hashimoto’s. Her award-winning book, “You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone” is filled with hilarious, honest, and heart-aching moments along the journey of doctors telling her the symptoms were all in her head, to telling her a year and a half later to get her affairs in order. Stacey holds nothing back as she weaves her heroic tale and playfully inspires women from all walks of life to see that we can use every circumstance — including a diagnosis — as a way to transform our victim mindset, rediscover our sense of humor, and learn to love ourselves again. Having brought herself back from the edge of a health crisis and losing over 100 pounds, Stacey addresses some of the important aspects of our healing: the spiritual, mindset, and emotions that affect every area of our health. Stacey’s approach with her clients and community is focused on reminding us that we are the most powerful healer in our lives and taking 100% responsibility for our life, health, happiness, and peace. In her darkest moments she dreamed her life and then, has been able to rise and live the life of her dreams: Raising her family in unique ways, traveling cross-country and then, to Europe for months on end, leading gorgeous boutique retreats in Italy, and writing her book, “An Unconventional Life: Where Messes and Magic Collide” where she shares the wisdoms and tales of a life lived outside of the norm. She brings all of this — and more — to her community as a speaker, coach, and dream advocate. Women walk away feeling relieved, comforted, and empowered and more at home in their very own soul.

I wish that for you today, mama.

In this episode Stacey & I talk about:

  • All the ways Stacey shows up for women
  • What she did when the medical community could not figure out what was going on with her body
  • How asking herself tough questions about how she treats herself started her on a path to understanding herself and her body
  • Instability, insecurity, & stress and how that manifests differently in each of us
  • Self-worth and valuing ourselves
  • Healing our strong limiting beliefs
  • Taking responsibility for our feelings and beliefs
  • Learning abundance mindset
  • Generational messages
  • The messages of abuse and how they affect us long term
  • Victim mindset
  • Martyrdom
  • Believing others…and believing in them
  • “The power of who I am”
  • Finding time and space for yourself for reflection
  • Sitting and doing the inner work
  • Releasing “have to” notions and things that are not necessary
  • The power of stillness
  • Getting curious about our health
  • It’s time to listen to our bodies…we’ve been barking at them for long enough
  • Giving ourselves grace
  • Needing to re-learn lessons
  • Prioritizing our physicality
  • Jumping back into wisdom faster with time, practice, and patience…it’s a huge opportunity for forgiveness and grace
  • Your love for yourself is more important than the shape of your body
  • Being stronger than the messaging of our society
  • How it’s okay to be in process (especially as moms!)
  • My episode with Claire Baker about menstrual cycle awareness (Episode 64)
  • Thyroid basics: what it is, where it is, and what it does
  • The hundreds of symptoms of thyroid health issues
  • “Normal is not optimal”
  • Being empowered with knowledge
  • The connection of cholesterol
  • Porcine (pig thyroid) and how similar it is to our thyroid
  • Getting a composite picture of your health and body
  • TSH
  • Free T3
  • Free T4
  • Reverse T3
  • TGAB, TPO, and D3, B12, and ferritin levels
  • Trusting that your symptoms are part of the bigger picture
  • Partnering with your doctor…and knowing what that looks like
  • The Girlfriend’s Guide to Hashimoto’s Course
  • The most power you have outside of mindset is the food you put on your plate
  • Moving your appointment up
  • Taking control of your plate
  • Gluten-free’s ties to thyroid and hashimoto’s
  • Going gluten, dairy, and grain free
  • Diet is powerful way to uplevel your life
  • Not looking to your doctor to be the guru over your life and how they are a partner and not a god
  • Being worthy of time…
  • When family members don’t have the same eating guidelines and/or restrictions
  • Honoring your body
  • Receiving a Hashimoto’s diagnosis—the relief and challenge of it
  • Feeling really alone with Hashimoto’s
  • Not becoming the label of Hashimoto’s or any diagnosis
  • What daily management of Hashimoto’s looks like
  • The journey to waking up without an alarm, a stillness practice, stream of conscious writing every day
  • Connection, flexibility, and #allthethings
  • The power of pen to paper (it really is the cheapest therapy there is!)
  • Body Literacy with Dr. Molly Steins (Episode 69)
  • Vibration plate & lymphatic system detox
  • Stacey’s journey to losing over 100lbs
  • Front door and back door ways to get to where you want to be
  • Coaching calls with Stacey
  • Dismantling thoughts that hold us back
  • Personality types…I’m “the rebel” according to Gretchin Rubin
  • Parasite cleanse
  • Detoxes are actually detoxes of what is in our mind and our beliefs
  • Fat holds toxins
  • Calling ourselves to healing on all levels
  • Creating our “why” lists (purple envelope list)

Stacey’s Links: Website, Facebook, The Girlfriends Guide to Hashimoto’s Facebook Group, & Instagram

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